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A Word From Your Local Intern

Jul 25 12:10 pm

by Karrie Larsson


My name is Karrie and I am one of three interns working with Somerville Local First this summer. Recently I met up with the other two interns, Julia and Rachel, over at Dave’s Fresh Pasta in Davis Square for some good old-fashioned co-worker bonding. Surrounded by fine Italian cured meats, we grabbed lunch and discussed our shared love for all things local; it was a splendid afternoon, indeed.

I am no stranger to Dave’s. In fact, I sometimes feel as if my friends and I single-handedly funded their recent expansion. In case you are unfamiliar, Dave’s offers a tremendous selection of homemade pasta, gourmet and artisan specialty foods, as well as unique wines.  But most importantly, they make a damn fine sandwich. All of the ingredients are extremely fresh (it’s in the name, after all) and well paired. Not to mention that the workers behind the counter, most of whom are tattooed and muscular, are definitely the most badass panini makers around. While I normally opt for the classic Caprese or the Savory Chicken #2, I decided to try something new: the Artichoke and Arugula.  As expected, phenomenal – crusty bread, flavorful veggies and mozzarella, topped with a light lemon pesto.

the Artichoke and Arugula at Dave's

After wolfing down the sandwich, Julia, Rachel, and I started talking about why we got involved with SLF and what we are looking forward to this summer. As Tufts students, we’ve all developed a love for the area over the past several years. Somerville has a great, distinct character that is fueled by its many independently owned business. We also expressed a shared interest in learning about this growing national movement to buy local – what it means for the environment, the economy, and the community.

Ultimately though, we are simply really excited to be a part of SLF and the team of truly awesome people who make SLF possible. The organization has come a long way since its beginning just two years ago and we can’t wait to help push it further forward – whether through working on this lovely website/blog (my job), expanding and diversifying the member businesses (Julia’s job), or promoting them within the Somerville community  (Rachel’s job).  We hope that you will continue helping us grow too!

SLF interns Rachel, Julia, and Karrie

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