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lovesomerville- Somerville Beat!Here at Somerville Local First we are passionate about our local businesses. We love to find others who share this passion, so we were excited to meet Elyse Andrews, Editor in Chief of the Somerville Beat!

Elyse has curated a lovely selection of her writings on Somerville and our businesses, and we are proud to welcome her to our SLF family and share her talents with you.

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Weekend 8.15-8.17: Woodstock Anniversary, Bacon Bash & Fixer Fair
This weekend marks the 45th anniversary of both Woodstock and Johnny D’s, and the Somerville music club is throwing a big bash in honor of the momentous occasion. It’s also the final weekend to see some of the art shows up … Continue reading
Cycling in the City: Somerville Shops & Resources
It took me a while to get really comfortable riding a bike in the city after I moved to Somerville. I had little (OK, no) city biking experience and was really intimidated by the other cyclists, pedestrians and cars. After … Continue reading
Weekend 8.8-8.10: Cookies + Cream, Ignite! & Burlesque
I remember just a few years ago when it seemed like hardly anyone had even heard of Union Square. Now it seems there’s an event there every weekend and this Saturday is no exception, with the Ignite! Fire and Street … Continue reading
Weekend 8.1-8.3: OPENAIR Circus, BKBDAY & Pet Palooza
Is anyone else completely shocked that it’s August already? The polar vortex seemed to linger forever and now summer is flying by way too quickly. The season likely seems so speedy because there have been an endless stream of super fun … Continue reading
Run Away with OPENAIR Circus this Weekend
Everywhere you look in Somerville there’s evidence of residents transforming spaces meant for one thing into something completely different. So was the case when artist Be Sargent transformed a burned-out foundry into a theater more than 30 years ago. In … Continue reading

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