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Samara Yoga Holds Temporary Classes at The Armory

Jul 31 5:24 pm

Hey SLFers! This is your chance to support a member organization in need! Due to a recent fire in the studio’s building,

Still going strong despite the circumstances!

Samara Yoga‘s space has been closed indefinitely (but thankfully was unharmed) while repairs are made to the building. They will be offering a temporary schedule of  by donation classes at the Somerville Armory in the meantime, starting tomorrow, Monday, August 1. Show your dedication to Somerville local businesses and support Samara Yoga while they are down and out or use this opportunity to try one of their classes if you’ve never been before!

From Samara’s newsletter:

Due to continued complications with re-opening our space after the fire in our building on Friday, 7/22, we will temporarily be offering a limited schedule of evening classes at the Somerville Armory:

191 Highland Ave, 3rd Floor

Electrical and fire-safety repairs are underway in our own building- but in the meantime, join us in a lovely space at the Armory for donation-based classes in the evenings. Parking is available. Walk through the main entrance until just before the main hall to find an elevator on the right- or take the stairs.

*All expiration dates on class cards will be extended for the amount of time we are closed at our regular location. A suggested $10 cash/check donation for classes at the Armory will be much appreciated- but pay what you can or would like!


Temporary Schedule

*** Keep checking back to see any changes and to find out when regular studio classes resume ***

monday – 8/1

5:30-6:45pm – Vinyasa – Level 1/2 - Nicoline Valkenberg
7-8:30pm – Hatha Flow – All Levels - Alice Senko

tuesday – 8/2

5:45-7:15pm – Form & Flow – Level 2 – Fez Aswat
7:30-9pm – Slow Flow – Level 1/2 - Kristen Reinhardt

wednesday – 8/3

5:45-7:15pm – Vinyasa – Level 2 – Nicoline Valkenberg
7:30-9pm – Yin Yoga – Emily Frank

thursday – 8/4

5:45-7:15pm – Slow Flow – Level 2/3 - Alice Senko
7:30-9pm – Vinyasa – Level 1/2 - Anna Jefferson

friday – 8/5

4-5:30pm – Vinyasa – Level 2 – Rachel Arnold
5:45-7:15pm – Yin Yoga – Josh Summers


Fitness on the Avenue: A Bootcamp Block Party!

Jul 18 2:43 pm

We here at SLF love the class offerings (no membership required for all the commitaphobes out there) and personalized instruction methods over at The Training Room, and it’s apparent that all you other Somervillians do too, as the health and fitness hotspot will be ringing in another year this Saturday. Read below for The Training Room’s write up of the 2nd annual Fitness on the Avenue anniversary extravaganza! Click here for the event schedule.

Enjoy the benefits of an outdoor and instructor-led workout all at once!


The Training Room plans to celebrate its second-year anniversary with a “block party” event on Saturday, July 23rd from 12 PM to 4 PM.  The event will be held along the Somerville Ave./Elm St. parking corridor, located in front of the facility at 691A Somerville Avenue.

Attendees will be encouraged to take advantage of the free fitness classes, demonstrations and screenings that will be offered by The Training Room staff and Physical Therapists, Lorna Brown and Keith Foley from the Cambridge Spaulding Center for Rehabilitation.

Live music provided by Felix Brown will keep an upbeat tempo for the two 45-minute outdoor bootcamps, intended to take place outside the facility weather pending.  In addition to bootcamps, The Training Room will have free: yoga and cycling classes, foam rolling demos, functional movement screening and running gait analysis.***

Training Room co-owners Heidi Brown and Maren Kravitz hope to continue their efforts in helping the City of Somerville to stay among the fittest cities in America.

If you would like more information about this event, call 617-284-6088 or e-mail The Training Room at [email protected]

***Advance signup is recommended for bootcamps, yoga, cycling and foam rolling demos, as space is limited.

Follow the link and RESERVE YOUR SPACE NOW



12:00pm – 1:00pm / vinaysa yoga

12:30pm- 1:15pm / outdoor bootcamp with music from Felix Brown

1:30pm – 2:00pm / 30-minute indoor cycling

2:30pm – 2:45pm / indoor foam rolling demo

2:45pm – 3:00pm / indoor foam rolling demo

3:00pm – 3:45pm / outdoor bootcamp with music from Felix Brown

12:00pm – 3:00pm  / Functional Movement Screening (FMS) with Jason Pak

Put simply, the FMS is a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns that are key to normal function. By screening these patterns, the FMS readily identifies functional limitations and asymmetries. These are issues that can reduce the effects of functional training and physical conditioning and distort body awareness.”

12:00pm – 4:00pm / Running Gait Analysis with Physical Therapists Lorna Brown and Keith Foley

Have a trained professional take a closer look at your running / walking gate and provide you with some knowledge about the importance of proper footwear and body mechanics.

Mellowing Out SLF Coupon Style: Mass Metta Massage

Jun 23 10:35 am

By Alison Preston

This month’s business exploration has reduced me to jello. After weeks of working over 40 hours, planning a wedding and searching for a new apartment, I received a Thai massage from Emily at Mass Metta Massage.

Getting Meditative at Mass Metta Massage

Getting Meditative at Mass Metta Massage

Backing up a little bit, I’m writing a series of posts celebrating participants in the SLF coupon booklet. For only ten dollars you receive over $1,000 in discounts. My journeys thus far have taken me to The Independent, The Boston Shaker, Inman Oasis, and now to Mass Metta Massage. With all the great massage places offered in the Health and Wellness section of the coupon booklet, it was tough decision where to go. For Mass Metta Massage (MMM), the SLF coupon booklet offers $20 off a first session. The website shares:

“Emily’s approach to bodywork is greatly influenced by her background in dance. The importance of body awareness, good posture, and flexibility were emphasized in her past training at the Boston Ballet Center for Dance Education and these themes are evident in her work today.  Ballet sparked her interest in kinesiology and has informed her understanding of the human body.”

Emily’s background in dance sparked my interest, as did her offering of Thai massage. As a former dancer retired due to numerous injuries, I was excited to find someone who could understand my past injuries and help with my ongoing healing.

Located off Davis Square at 862 Broadway, Mass Metta Massage is snuggled into a small strip of shops. When I arrived at the space, we chatted a bit while Emily prepared her floor mats (Thai massage is done on the floor). Emily’s background as a dancer is evident during her treatments. She is graceful yet strong a she moves your limbs, elongating muscles and releasing the tension from your body. As a disclaimer, I know one session wouldn’t cure all the ailments I brought with me, but the massage was a start on the way to a more relaxed and healthy state of mind.

Try a Thai Yoga Massage!

Before my treatment, I spoke with Emily about the goals she hopes to achieve with her clients. As I know from previous massages and other forms of positive touch, the body responds positively to human contact. Through the power of healing one can experience through massage, Emily hopes that she can bring people to a level where they can facilitate their own healing, while creating body awareness and understanding.

Mass Metta Massage offers Swedish and Deep Tissue table massage as well as Thai massage. Thai is done with the client fully clothed on the floor, and a treatment includes the massaging and stretching of the muscles. There’s no need to be a flexible pretzel for Thai Massage, the goal is to bring awareness and teach the body where it needs to be, no matter what level of flexibility.

So whether you’re a seasoned massage client or a newbie who wants more body awareness, I highly recommend calling Emily for an appointment—she’ll have you floating on a cloud in no time!

Mass Metta Massage: Local money spent w/ coupon: 70.00 (this includes tip) | SLF savings: $20.00  | Total savings: $36.64

Cycle for Life with The Training Room

May 04 9:50 am


Bicycles Battling Cancer

The Training Room is raising money to fight Cancer

Spinathon to support American Cancer Society’s Bicycles Battling Cancer

The Training Room is hosting an indoor Spinathon to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Please join TEAM G for a charity event to raise money for the 3rd Annual Bicycles Battling Cancer Ride. Team G was formed in honor of Lisa Gerritzen, a cycling enthusiast who recently lost her battle with cancer.

Unite with fellow spinners, cyclists and the American Cancer Society in our effort to save lives, and to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays.

Spinathon participants can ride any amount of time from 1/2 hour to 4 hours.

Suggested donations: $15 for each 1/2 hour slot; $25 for each hour.  Checks are to be made directly to the American Cancer Society.

Bikes are limited so register early!  Event day registration welcome if slots remain open.

To pre-register: Go to, click Reservations and scroll down the class calendar for the May 7th event

For questions or if you are interested in joining TEAM G please contact Suzanne Schwartz at [email protected] or Cindy DiTullio  at [email protected]

Local Relaxation: A Visit to Inman Oasis

May 03 1:03 pm

By Alison Preston

Unwinding in the jacuzzi.

The journey to explore local business continues.  My first two expeditions with a SLF/CLF coupon book included delicious food and supplies for my next cocktail. For part three of my journey, I will jump into the realm of relaxation at Inman Oasis with a coupon for 10% off all services.

Inman Oasis, a Feng Shui designed wellness center that provides the ultimate in relaxation has been a part of the Cambridge community for almost six years. Started in September 2005 by Jo K. Gray, a practicing licensed massage therapist, and Renée C. Farster, a businesswoman, artist, and hot tub enthusiast; the combination of massage and hot tub offerings was a perfect fit.

After a long week at work, my fiancé and I decided to have our own relaxing moment in one of Inman’s private hot tubs. The space is simple and inviting, with comfy wicker chairs and an extensive collection of plants in the waiting area. If you don’t bring music along for your service, Inman offers an extensive list of music on their iPod. We decided on our soaking selections and were led back to the tubs.

The staff at Inman Oasis.

There are two choices for a hot tub soak: a Japanese style tub or a jacuzzi (fiberglass) tub. I spoke with Jenny, front desk staff and bookkeeper, to learn the benefits of each tub. From our chat I learned the jacuzzi tub is best for pain or injury, as the number of jets is higher (50+) and the jets are stronger. The Japanese style tub offers a more relaxing experience, with only 4 jets that move at a calm pace. Both rooms offer a private shower, big cozy robes and water to keep clients hydrated during the service.

Cleanliness is an attribute I always appreciate at a spa, feeling like no one else has ever been in the space. Our room was super clean, as if we were the first ones in—and I know Inman had other appointments booked. We were given the jacuzzi tub to release our tight muscles, and we turned on all the jets immediately while changing into our bathing suits. It’s been awhile since my fiancé and I have had a hot tub all to ourselves, so the lack of bodies and abundance of relaxing tunes were very inviting. Tip: Don’t sit for long periods of time, or you will get woozy. A good length is ten minutes, with a short soak in the shower, and then climbing back in. Don’t be that person who attempts to sit in the tub for a full half hour - you’ll probably get woozy when exiting, which is not so relaxing. The staff will also alert when 5 minutes are left, so sit back and forget about the time.

Afterwards? We were puddles of mush. The walk back towards the red line train was silent due to mushy brains, and back at home we were ready to cozy up and relax. In the future we will definitely return for a hot tub/massage combo, as the hot tub is great for relaxing tight muscles before a massage. Thank you to Inman Oasis for a rejuvenating experience! Check back next month for my next adventure….

Inman Oasis: Local money spent w/ coupon: 36.00 | SLF savings: $4.00 | Totalsavings: $13.60 - Coupon booklet is paid for!

Inman Oasis is located in Inman Square at 243 Hampshire Street in Cambridge (right next to Rosie’s Bakery). After you use your SLF coupon, visit the website for monthly specials:


A Somerville Psychotherapist’s Guide to Keeping Sane While Managing a Local Business

Feb 02 11:33 am

Running your own local business is no easy task. Between the long hours and the hard work it’s quite easy to lose sight of yourself while focusing on your business goals.  That’s why we invited local psychotherapist and SLF member Ruth Faris to share her advice to business owners on how to prevent yourself from losing steam. Read Ruth’s story and find out ways you can recharge your own batteries once in awhile:

Ruth Faris

My dining room table is littered with receipts as I organize for meeting with my tax guy….and oh yeah is it part of my gas bill or my electric bill that I get to deduct?

More snow is coming, again, and its me that has to get out there to shovel, and no one is going to call to tell me ‘stay home, don’t worry about trying to get in,’ and if I want to take time off later this week for yet another chiropractor visit for this aching back, I have no bank of sick time to use.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Nothing at all, really; I’m self-employed, and very happily so for most of the time. But yes, there are special pressures that all of us on this brave adventure feel. My business is probably pretty different from most of yours; I am a clinical social worker and I have a private psychotherapy practice. I have a cozy office that I had  built into my home  in 1985 (after doing therapy out of a spare-bedroom-turned-office for a year or two). Its a pretty simple operation: just me, and my clients who come for sessions.  I do my best to help them feel better, live better, achieve some of their goals. I truly love this work and feel myself  privileged to do it, right here on my tiny Somerville street.

Of course, its also ‘just me’ who cleans the bathroom, spreads the snow melt, spends an awful lot of time on the phone with insurance companies. I have important outside support from a group of  other therapists that has met bi-weekly for over 25 years, to consult and guide each other through difficult and confusing issues.

Another huge support is my billing service, people who I have never met but am in constant communication with; how else to navigate the complicated requirements of each insurance company? And yes, you might hear me complaining about how I have to run downstairs to pull up the rugs just in case the rain floods in yet again, or how one of the insurance companies reduced payments by 15%.  But, there is no doubt that I love being self-employed and happily go through these difficulties as part of the package….’part of the price of doing business’ as they say.

I know that every small business has its own version of  hassles and joys, but one  thing we surely have in common is the need to keep ourselves steady and healthy and balanced through it all. We are the ones responsible for our own well-being and this is one task that cannot be delegated.

Your responsibilities are many and never-ending: inventory and staff management and payroll and insurance and so on… forget any one of these at your peril. But, how often do you think about taking care of yourself as one of the items on your daily ‘to do’ list? Do you have ‘scheduled maintenance’ for yourself just as you do to keep your vehicles, computers, and other equipment in good working order?

There are some basics of self-care and stress-reduction that we have all heard a million times: sleeping and eating well, getting exercise, having some amount of fun and ‘down-time’ ….  there are books and blogs and CD’s and entire industries set up to tell us how to do that.

Taking self-care seriously is as at least as  important to your bottom-line and success as any other upgrade or improvement you are planning for your business this year.   What this self-care will look like for you, I’m not sure; for me, its daily yoga; long walks; thrift store shopping; appreciating the humor in life; and so forth.

It would be great to hear from any of you who care to tell us how you deal with stress day to day, and how you take care of your SLF-business and yourSELF in the process!

The Training Room Celebrates 1 Year In Business With Fitness on the Avenue

Jul 22 10:51 am

by Maren Kravitz - Co-Owner, The Training Room

As a local privately owned fitness studio, the Training Room understands the importance of creating strong relationships with clients. It is our goal to create a unique personal work-out experience. We do this by offering classes and personal or group training without any monthly membership fees or yearly contracts. One can simply walk in or reserve a spot through our online scheduling system. We hope that such flexibility and customization will ultimately lead to lasting healthy habits in the community at large.

In this spirit, we are also celebrating our first anniversary with a charity “spin” event this Saturday, July 24th from 12 PM to 6 PM.  The event will be held along the new Somerville Ave./Elm St. parking corridor, located in front of the facility at 691A Somerville Avenue. Attendees will be encouraged to spin outdoors to display their support for fitness and breast cancer awareness.

Live music provided by Felix Brown will keep an upbeat tempo for the riders while Roz Puleo, founder of the Boston Luna Chix cycling team, leads the participants on their cycling journey. In addition to the charity cycling event, The Training Room will have FREE fitness and yoga classes, games, and prizes throughout the day.

Donations, in any amount, will go to The Breast Cancer Fund and are greatly appreciated.

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