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Cheers to everything local! A Journey to the Boston Shaker

Mar 22 11:38 am

By Alison Preston (@themoxstopshere)

Glassware Display

Last month, I began an adventure. The challenge: use the 2011 SLF Coupon book and explore local business. As a new resident to the Boston area with the coupon book as my map, I am sure to discover fun stops around the city while supporting local business.


While turning the pages of my SLF book, I noticed a 20% coupon from The Boston Shaker. As a cocktail enthusiast, I’ll admit my skills lie with drinking more than creating. As my tastes for a Manhattan and an old fashioned have developed, so has my interest to create and understand the ingredients. From recent research I was curious about bitters, and The Boston Shaker in Davis Square was a great place to continue my quest to find out more.

This cocktail supply shop was born as Adam Lantheaume, proprietor, grew tired of not finding all the supplies for a good cocktail in one centralized location. At The Boston Shaker, you can find everything from vintage glassware that Adam discovers, to cocktail creation supplies, books, and professional grade glassware to hold your drinks.

A Variety of Shakers of Course!

I was greeted by Jessica, who was eager to help with my education. After a short introduction to the shop, I had already noted two pluses for a new enthusiast:

The shop layout always has the customer in mind. Items are displayed to be approachable for expert mixers as well as new enthusiasts.
The Boston Shaker is only stocked with items well loved by the employees. In my opinion, when love is a part of the process, you can be certain the quality is exceptional and customers will return for more.

As I stated earlier, my main interest for this trip was bitters - a staple in numerous cocktails. The Boston Shaker provides an eclectic selection of bitters with varying tastes and intentions behind each brand. I learned that bitters not only add something special to a cocktail, but also possess herbal properties and stimulate digestion. To help with my decision, we did a tasting of different products. As I learned from Jessica, bitters aren’t usually enjoyed alone, but mainly in addition to other spirits. To test, we followed these steps:

• Smell the bitters, taking in the scent at the beginning and end of a whiff. This might be the best way to test the flavor.



• For further examination, I touched my finger to a sample cup and put a small drop on my tongue to observe the taste.

Some varieties taste similar to their smell, while others are completely different. My advice when choosing? Before your visit have a particular drink or season in mind, and go from there. I decided to purchase Bitterman’s Boston Bittahs for some warm weather cocktails I plan to concoct.

With friendly faces and encouraging staff who can educate you in cocktail creation, head over to The Boston Shaker - a one of a kind stop in Somerville. With warm weather on its way, stay tuned to see where I end up next!

The Boston Shaker is located at 69 Holland Street in Somerville, MA. Follow them on Twitter for the most up-to-date information on the shop and cocktail tastings.

We’re tracking Alison’s purchsases and savings on her journey,  here’s where she’s at so far.  Two coupons and she’s almost made her investment in the book back!

The Independent: Local money spent w/ coupon: $33 (includes tip) | SLF savings: $6.00
The Boston Shaker: Local money spent w/ coupon: 14.40 | SLF savings: $3.60  | Total savings: $9.60

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