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Where the Locals Go: The Local First Coupon Book

Save Money. Support Community and Local Businesses. Only $10. WIN!

The Somerville And Cambridge Local First Coupon Book is our latest collaboration with our Sister Network and a great way for you to both save money and support strong local economies.

The book includes over $1,000 in savings with a variety of amazing offers.  From Groceries to Restaurants, Retail to Health & Wellness Where The Locals Go has you covered.

And by exploring and patronizing new local businesses and purchasing this book, you’re doing more than just adding a little wiggle room to your budget.  You’ll be strengthening the local economy, helping to create new jobs AND supporting the work of Somerville Local First.

You can purchase YOUR copy of Where The Locals Go at the following Somerville Retail Locations.

Davis Square

Union Square

Ball Square

The 2011 Local First Coupon Book: Get up, get out, and explore local business!

The Independent Somerville Lunch

Fresh local food for lunch? Yes, please!

One of Somerville Local First’s community bloggers Alison Preston (@themoxstopshere) was given a challenge: Grab a copy of the new Somerville and Cambridge Local First coupon book and write about where the discounts take her! This is the first of six posts chronicling her adventures in local savings. Stay tuned to the SLF blog to find out where she goes next!

As sunny days become more frequent, it’s time to get off the couch, throw on a coat and explore your neighborhoods. I’m very excited to help highlight the 2011 Somerville and Cambridge Local First Coupon Book and even if a small period of cold weather still lingers, the book inspires me to head outside. For only ten dollars, you receive over $1,000 dollars in discounts, and a chance to support local business. As a new transplant to Boston, my coupon booklet is a map and I’m the local explorer on the go. My journey is your journey, so please follow as I discover six local businesses over the next six months.

For my first exploration experience, I chose The Independent in Union Square situated at 75 Union Square in Somerville. My choice came from the simple need to eat, and the coupon offered 20% off lunch. Immediately at my arrival I could tell my choice was right on.

Here are my top five reasons why I will be back and why you should visit The Independent:

  • The Independent offers (as they promise on the website): “a casual, comfortable neighborhood restaurant and pub located in the heart of Union Square.” The dark wood and simple decor was very inviting and cozy, as was my friendly, knowledgeable server who made me feel right at home. The space is great for a date, as well as for a drink with friends after work.
  • The fare is not your typical bar food. New chef Mark Cina creates seasonal dishes with an attention to detail while also using local, sustainable, fresh ingredients, a BIG plus in my book.
  • You must try: the Stuffed Peppadew small plate. Peppadews resemble mini red bell peppers, sweet with a hint of heat. The Independent presents them on a plate stuffed with avocado puree and jicama salsa, and the tiny bites are flavorful and a refreshing start to a meal.
  • The beer and cocktail lists are other areas that show evidence of a careful eye and attention to variety. Offering a diverse selection of beers, from regional favorites like Harpoon and Narragansett to a selection of Belgians for beer connoisseurs, I took time to choose whilst I enjoyed reading about selections I didn’t recognize. Cocktails run from standard to inventive and are graced with fresh squeezed juices and house made syrups. I can’t wait to come back when the temperatures warm to have a cocktail with the windows open.
  • When entering an eating establishment for lunch, it is so much nicer to hear selected music instead of a TV or top 40 blaring. A few big screen TVs are located by the bar, which are great for sports nights, but I offer a big thank you to The Independent for playing Radiohead instead of Britney Spears or a sports update during my meal.
The Independent Cocktail Menu

A cocktail menu that gets creative with the classics.

Even on my first visit, I felt right at home at The Independent and I will definitely be back. For an eclectic menu, friendly service, and a great drink selection, The Independent should be on your map when exploring new spots around Somerville. Stay tuned for my next post when my map of coupons leads me another Somerville gem.

Originally posted on...February 28th, 2011

‘Villen in the works

by Katie Riedman

About 4 months ago when I began my search for a spring internship, I found myself scrolling through pages of gofer jobs at law firms and libraries with descriptions reading “daily responsibilities include running the dish washer, sending faxes , and making coffee.” And while I am quite good at doing the dishes and I love a good cup of coffee, I felt my intern experience needed a little more substance. After a few weeks of discouragement, I stumbled upon a marketing internship at Somerville Local First. The SLF job description sounded motivating and fun and after doing my research, the company description sounded moving and exciting and I wanted to be a part of it.

Before moving to the greater Boston area, I grew up in a Seattle suburb where going green wasn’t a trend, but a lifestyle and most of my friends had worm bins in their backyard. Needless to say, moving to Boston was a huge transition. I love living in a new city and getting to explore a new part of the country. However, I still missed the comforts of home and felt that something was missing.

Now 4 months later, I’m going into my 3rd week at SLF and I already feel like a part of the Somerville family. The city itself has a Seattle-esque atmosphere and offers the vibrancy and variety that I miss in Boston.  And the opportunities I’ve been given within my internship have broaden my perspective and allowed me to participate in the community. Currently, I’m working on a Public Service Announcement video that will capture Somerville’s local businesses and connect them to the community. Next on my agenda is the annual Coupon Book that offers a lot of great promotions that will be sure to entice a Somervillin’ into checking out new place or going back to an old favorite. And even though it’s not until June, I’m already excited to start planning for our Somerfun festival.

I still have 6 months of my SLF internship to go and I’m looking forward to learning more about the community, the organization, and taking on all the future projects to come.

Originally posted on...February 1st, 2011

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