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Somerville Local First: Not Your Average Internship

Mar 30 3:17 pm

by Katie Riedman

From Northeastern University to the streets of Somerville

From Northeastern University to the streets of Somerville

Spring has finally arrived—despite the occasional snow flurry—and that means several things for all the Northeastern University students in the Greater Boston Area. First, it means spring semester will be over in one month (until we go back to summer school)! Second, a good majority of us are spending more time stressing out over our March Madness Brackets than exams and homework. And lastly, it means interview time for the Fall Cycle of Northeastern Co-ops. As I am currently on co-op, only one of these three things is applicable to me—March Madness Bracket— but I’m here to offer a little supportive advice to all the prospective co-ops out there.

I remember shifting through endless pages on the Northeastern co-op website, finding the perfect internship only realize it was for work study only or secretly in Santa Monica, California. Yes, it is true that finding a co-op that screams your name is hard to come by, but I’m here to give you one piece of advice: during your internship search, don’t discount part-time unpaid positions. I know what you’re thinking; my parents won’t pay for my Netflix account while I’m on co-op so I need to make some income. Well I have a solution: put down the remote and tighten that money belt because the amount of real life hands on learning you can gain from a co-op such as the Marketing Intern Position at Somerville Local First is much more valuable than being able to watch all six seasons of Lost.

SLF - Not your Average Internship

SLF - Not your Average Internship

The three co-op/internship positions SLF is offering for the Fall 2011 co-op cycle will be sure to challenge your perception of what a job should be like. The unique unstructured nature of this co-op encourages you to make it your own by setting learning objectives and closely working with Joe Grafton to learn and be involved with things that interest you. Rather than watching the clock count down till 5, you will be involved to something you’re passionate about. For example, my first day at SLF, Joe asked me to prepare five goals I would like to achieve by the end of my internship. One of them was to learn more about blogging and how it is an effective marketing strategy. Well here I am writing my second blog. Additionally, through this co-op, I’ve been able to develop my own work style, contribute to projects that I’m proud to call my own, and get invaluable hands on experience that no pay check could replace.

So as you’re applying, keep this in the back of your mind and think about what you’d like to gain from your internship. And if you feel like a position with Somerville Local First is calling out your name, find the co-op listings and more information on the Northeastern co-op website or apply by sending your resume and cover letter to Joe Grafton at [email protected]

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