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Mellowing Out SLF Coupon Style: Mass Metta Massage

Jun 23 10:35 am

By Alison Preston

This month’s business exploration has reduced me to jello. After weeks of working over 40 hours, planning a wedding and searching for a new apartment, I received a Thai massage from Emily at Mass Metta Massage.

Getting Meditative at Mass Metta Massage

Getting Meditative at Mass Metta Massage

Backing up a little bit, I’m writing a series of posts celebrating participants in the SLF coupon booklet. For only ten dollars you receive over $1,000 in discounts. My journeys thus far have taken me to The Independent, The Boston Shaker, Inman Oasis, Dave’s Fresh Pasta and now to Mass Metta Massage. With all the great massage places offered in the Health and Wellness section of the coupon booklet, it was tough decision where to go. For Mass Metta Massage (MMM), the SLF coupon booklet offers $20 off a first session. The website shares:

“Emily’s approach to bodywork is greatly influenced by her background in dance. The importance of body awareness, good posture, and flexibility were emphasized in her past training at the Boston Ballet Center for Dance Education and these themes are evident in her work today.  Ballet sparked her interest in kinesiology and has informed her understanding of the human body.”

Emily’s background in dance sparked my interest, as did her offering of Thai massage. As a former dancer retired due to numerous injuries, I was excited to find someone who could understand my past injuries and help with my ongoing healing.

Located off Davis Square at 862 Broadway, Mass Metta Massage is snuggled into a small strip of shops. When I arrived at the space, we chatted a bit while Emily prepared her floor mats (Thai massage is done on the floor). Emily’s background as a dancer is evident during her treatments. She is graceful yet strong a she moves your limbs, elongating muscles and releasing the tension from your body. As a disclaimer, I know one session wouldn’t cure all the ailments I brought with me, but the massage was a start on the way to a more relaxed and healthy state of mind.

Try a Thai Yoga Massage!

Before my treatment, I spoke with Emily about the goals she hopes to achieve with her clients. As I know from previous massages and other forms of positive touch, the body responds positively to human contact. Through the power of healing one can experience through massage, Emily hopes that she can bring people to a level where they can facilitate their own healing, while creating body awareness and understanding.

Mass Metta Massage offers Swedish and Deep Tissue table massage as well as Thai massage. Thai is done with the client fully clothed on the floor, and a treatment includes the massaging and stretching of the muscles. There’s no need to be a flexible pretzel for Thai Massage, the goal is to bring awareness and teach the body where it needs to be, no matter what level of flexibility.

So whether you’re a seasoned massage client or a newbie who wants more body awareness, I highly recommend calling Emily for an appointment—she’ll have you floating on a cloud in no time!

Mass Metta Massage: Local money spent w/ coupon: 70.00 (this includes tip) | SLF savings: $20.00  | Total savings: $36.64

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