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Shades of Somerville: Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project

Jul 26 2:48 pm

- Introducing the Vibrant Vendors of Somerville’s Own -


At Somerville Local First, we not only believe in the importance of supporting locally owned businesses, but getting to know the faces behind counter as well. That is why we decided to create a new blog series that profiles various SLF members, asking a set of 10 questions that connect readers to the featured business and to the Somerville community as well.

Pretty Thing's flagship beer Jack D'Or.

Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project is an up and coming gypsy brewery that has established a household name for itself with their quirky, tasty beers. SLF takes a closer look at the couple who encourages you to stay pretty and drink real beer.


1. Why did you start your business?

We started it so that Dann could have a job! When we moved back from the UK, I found a science job easily, but Dann didn’t have many prospects locally in a brewery. And he’s a very passionate brewer who can’t really see himself doing anything else. We needed to find a way for him to brew and hopefully make some money towards a salary. So that’s why we decided to throw our last $9000 at starting a brewing company.

2. What brought you to Somerville?

We moved here two years ago from Cambridge. We love living in Somerville, and it quickly became the heart of our business, through interacting with local businesses and cool local people! The next step was finding affordable office/studio space for us to run our company out of, which we did, in Union Square. Now we never want to leave!

3. What is your fondest memory of doing business in Somerville?

I love seeing people in the street who know us and who’ve helped us or been helped by us. We love being involved with local groups like Groundwork Somerville, the artists at Olive Square, and Somerville Local First. But probably our absolute fondest memory is of our launch parties at the Independent in Union Square, where we have John Funke on the DJ booth and the place is packed with cool people with our beers in their hand!

4.  What gets you really excited about your business?

We are creative people at heart, and having the opportunity to create new beers with our own drawings on the labels and our own stories as their inspiration is the best job in the world.

5.  Thinking about your business, what keeps you up at night?

Oh, there’s always something. Last week it was legislation in MA, this week it’s bottle shortages at our manufacturer… All part of the fun of being a tiny new business without much experience or training!

6.  If you could have one wish come true for Somerville, what would it be?

Keeping it real and local: growing and becoming more prosperous, without selling out to big outside companies and luxury condos.

7.  Favorite motto or quote?

“Stay Pretty And Drink Real Beer”

8.  What’s the most rewarding part of running a small business?

Seeing people have fun because of something we made.

9.  What’s the most challenging part of running a small business?

Oh, all the crappy paperwork!!

10. If your business was an animal, what animal would it be and why?

A bandy legged old goat.

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Jul 21 12:00 am

RSVP to at Precinct - July 28!

RSVP to at Precinct - July 28!

Calling all Somerville creative enterprises, both established and burgeoning, for a swap meet of all things network-y at! This event run by the gang over at Union Square Main Streets through the Design Annex, their collaborative facility for design businesses, promises to be an evening of sharing with new friends, whether it be an exchange of industry information or a mutual sampling of the fare at fabulous host venue Precinct. Read below for more info (and how to RSVP!) or see the original post here, and keep an eye out for other awesome USMS events!

Design Annex launches, a new kind of networking event for design professionals in Somerville on July 28. At, we’re building a shop local movement for Somerville’s creative enterprises. Participants won’t just exchange their contact information; they’ll trade advice, referrals, and services to make each other’s businesses stronger. This event is the first of a quarterly series to bring together the city’s vibrant design community to grow this dynamic industry.

  • Join us for Thursday, July 28, 6-9 pm at Precinct. Free.
  • RSVP and don’t forget to bring your business cards!
Work Space at the Design Annex

While you likely know the big design players in Somerville such as ArrowstreetMoshe Safdie and Altitude, you may not know the literally hundreds of smaller scale creative businesses bustling here in Somerville and making their own bold mark. The Design Annex’s goal is to interconnect this community of people working at the intersection of commercial and creative and through the shared connections to thrive together. Somerville has been a quiet hub design and creative businesses and it’s time we made some noise, locally and nationally.

This event supports Union Square Main Streets’ efforts, through the Design Annex, to grow the creative economy in Somerville. The Design Annex provides the resources to grow creative businesses including shared office space and equipment, networking, and advocacy for industry needs. Since its founding just 18 months ago, 25 small creative businesses have used the Annex’s resources and community to help grow their enterprises.

The networking series is our first big step towards accomplishing our goal of a tightly networked, strong design community in Somerville. Please join us and other creative business professionals to relax, share ideas, and share some drinks on Thursday, July 28, 6-9 pm at Precinct. RSVP to [email protected], and don’t forget to bring your business cards!

Share the flyer for the event.

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Fabricado en Somerville: My Introduction into Somerville’s Homegrown Movement

Jul 20 5:02 pm

- Danielle Kennedy, Web & Editorial Intern

When I was a kid, I had a love affair with Spain. I had one of those brief childhood fascinations with growing up to be something very specific and peculiar – in my case, a flamenco dancer (which I consider at least somewhat more practical than my younger brother’s aspiration to become a penguin at the time). I loved everything about them – the swirling, ruffled dresses, the elaborate hair ornaments. Most of all, I loved the beautiful, handcrafted wooden fans brandished so elegantly by the female performers. So when I learned of my grandparents’ upcoming trip to Europe, which included a sojourn to my beloved Spain, I naturally insisted that I HAD to have a Spanish fan and I’d never want for anything again (until my next phase, of course).

The source of all the trouble...and a new realization

The source of all the trouble...and a new realization

Imagine my dismay, after receiving my long-awaited treasure, I noticed the small etched lettering on the glossy wooden panel: FABRICADO EN TAIWAN. I had seen enough “made in…” labels on other products to know that this meant my fan was, in fact, not Spanish. My juvenile way of handling this betrayal was to subject my grandparents’ to the dreaded silent treatment for the better part of a week, much to the chagrin of my mother. All things were eventually forgotten, of course, as grandparents possess that special quality, otherwise found only in puppies, that prevents you from staying mad at them for long.

Amusing though this anecdote may be, I bring it up because I consider this incident my first brush with the concept that it actually mattered where my where my belongings came from. Since I had no purchasing power at that age, the significance didn’t resonate with me as much until later, but still, the seeds were sown. What does it mean when a region outsources production of its signature goods? The idea really began to sink in when I was old enough to discover what more the city had to offer over the tired chains in the shopping malls where I loitered in my youth, and even more so when I moved to the Boston area to live on my own for school. Becoming part of this community – living here, working here, making friends here – has inevitably made me increasingly invested in its wellbeing. I support the initiative to buy local because I want my community to thrive as a distinctive location with quality goods and services to offer my fellow residents.

This kid knows what to do!

This kid knows what to do!

As the new Web & Editorial Intern for SLF, I am so thrilled to have the chance to be able to help Somerville work toward these goals while indulging my other love, writing. During my time with SLF, I will be managing content for our blog and social media. Believe me, I have a whole lot of opinions and a whole lot to say about them. But I don’t want my job to be only about what I have to say – I want to hear all of your opinions! So, dear readers, I implore you to speak up: post in the comments section about what you would like to see covered in the blog over the next six months or message me through the SLF Facebook page or Twitter. This is your chance to be a part of our blog and to contribute your ideas!

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Fitness on the Avenue: A Bootcamp Block Party!

Jul 18 2:43 pm

We here at SLF love the class offerings (no membership required for all the commitaphobes out there) and personalized instruction methods over at The Training Room, and it’s apparent that all you other Somervillians do too, as the health and fitness hotspot will be ringing in another year this Saturday. Read below for The Training Room’s write up of the 2nd annual Fitness on the Avenue anniversary extravaganza! Click here for the event schedule.

Enjoy the benefits of an outdoor and instructor-led workout all at once!


The Training Room plans to celebrate its second-year anniversary with a “block party” event on Saturday, July 23rd from 12 PM to 4 PM.  The event will be held along the Somerville Ave./Elm St. parking corridor, located in front of the facility at 691A Somerville Avenue.

Attendees will be encouraged to take advantage of the free fitness classes, demonstrations and screenings that will be offered by The Training Room staff and Physical Therapists, Lorna Brown and Keith Foley from the Cambridge Spaulding Center for Rehabilitation.

Live music provided by Felix Brown will keep an upbeat tempo for the two 45-minute outdoor bootcamps, intended to take place outside the facility weather pending.  In addition to bootcamps, The Training Room will have free: yoga and cycling classes, foam rolling demos, functional movement screening and running gait analysis.***

Training Room co-owners Heidi Brown and Maren Kravitz hope to continue their efforts in helping the City of Somerville to stay among the fittest cities in America.

If you would like more information about this event, call 617-284-6088 or e-mail The Training Room at [email protected]

***Advance signup is recommended for bootcamps, yoga, cycling and foam rolling demos, as space is limited.

Follow the link and RESERVE YOUR SPACE NOW



12:00pm – 1:00pm / vinaysa yoga

12:30pm- 1:15pm / outdoor bootcamp with music from Felix Brown

1:30pm – 2:00pm / 30-minute indoor cycling

2:30pm – 2:45pm / indoor foam rolling demo

2:45pm – 3:00pm / indoor foam rolling demo

3:00pm – 3:45pm / outdoor bootcamp with music from Felix Brown

12:00pm – 3:00pm  / Functional Movement Screening (FMS) with Jason Pak

Put simply, the FMS is a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns that are key to normal function. By screening these patterns, the FMS readily identifies functional limitations and asymmetries. These are issues that can reduce the effects of functional training and physical conditioning and distort body awareness.”

12:00pm – 4:00pm / Running Gait Analysis with Physical Therapists Lorna Brown and Keith Foley

Have a trained professional take a closer look at your running / walking gate and provide you with some knowledge about the importance of proper footwear and body mechanics.

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Going Global Locally with Ball Square Fine Wines

Jul 17 7:51 pm

So, what are you doing this Monday night? Why, you’re planning an exhilarating evening of laundry and bad television, you say? Enticing as that sounds, might we humbly suggest another option? Shake up the beginning-of-the-week routine with a taste of fine wining and dining presented by the folks over at Ball Square Fine Wines.

Ah, wining in Somerville at dusk...

As a participant in Boston’s “Rogue for Riesling” Summer Fest 2011, BSFW is joining the 31 Days of Riesling July event spree (see this article for more area events). Riesling is traditionally celebrated as a German wine, but BSFW has decided to open our eyes to the myriad of other options in what could only be called “A Global Riesling Fracas.” BSFW says:

This Monday, July 18, from 5-7pm we’ll have five select Rieslings from around the world open for a comparative taste-off. It will be an interactive tasting to demonstrate the unique typicity of each selection.

Of course, our ever-expanding Gourmet Department wanted in on the fun. They will have an assortment of gourmet hor’dourves to pair with the wines.

The event is FREE and open to all 21+ years of age


So much potential!

For more offerings from this specialty shop, check out more of their enlightening events (there’s plenty of options for craft brew and spirits lovers, too!), or get a hankering for the holiday season with last year’s gourmet pairings post by BSFW Gourmet Foods Buyer Joe Ferraro to get a taste of BSFW’s seasonal expertise.

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6 Reasons You Should Clear Your Weekend for ArtBeat

Jul 14 4:01 pm



ArtBeat 2011: Red - This one's gonna be a scorcher!

ArtBeat 2011: Red - This one's gonna be a scorcher!

It’s that time of year again on the Somerville Arts Council calendar: ArtBeat! This annual festival held in Davis Square celebrates the innovative and inspired minds in just about every creative capacity of the dynamic Somerville arts scene. This year, SAC isn’t trying to (art!)beat that mid-July heat of the northeast, but is instead embracing it, with this year’s theme: RED. Alas, due to scheduling conflicts, SLF won’t be attending this year, but here are six reasons why you should:

  • Support local artists by buying a one-of-a-kind piece from one (or several!) of the 100+ craft vendors: Impress your Chihuly-crazed friends with a piece by a local glass artist
  • It’s fun for the whole family! Forgive us for the cliché, but it’s true – there are tons of kid-friendly events from storytelling to a puppet show
  • Catch up and coming folk/indie rock quartet Mean Creek: Recently deemed “Best Act in Boston” in the Boston Phoenix, these guys are going places, so see them while you can – for free!
  • Experience the diverse range of performance pieces and exhibits that the festival has to offer – there’s something for everyone!
  • Everyone loves a parade, so be sure to watch the Red Menace parade throughout the festival. Grab a red flag and join in if you like!
  • Engage in one of the many crafty interactive activities offered by local organizations. Even become a part of the festival by designing a scale for the traffic island Dragon Sculpture!

Bonus Reason: Food! C’mon, did you really need any other reason?

So, y’all best be there this weekend! Check out the website or Facebook page for more info, and make sure you tell us all about your ArtBeat shenanigans in the comments section below!

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Food, Wine, and Fun at Dave’s Fresh Pasta

Jul 11 1:38 pm

Food, Wine, and Fun at Dave’s Fresh Pasta

Last month I took a break from food and drink to relax in a hot tub at Inman Oasis. Of course, my food obsession can’t be ignored for long. In my next SLF adventure, the journey went back to Davis Square, for an exploration of Dave’s Fresh Pasta, with 20% off any purchase from the specialty foods & grocers section in the SLF coupon booklet. A few months back during my visit to The Boston Shaker. I mentioned my plan to a Boston Shaker employee, and she advised to eat before going shopping or fall prey to the yumminess that is Dave’s Fresh Pasta.

Dave's: Bringing you all the finest meats and cheeses!

Dave's: Bringing you all the finest meats and cheeses!



My limited knowledge was that of fresh pasta, and I had my charge card out to buy. But upon entering, my senses were pleasantly overwhelmed by a collection of unexpected sights, sounds, and smells:

  • Fresh pasta
  • Vosges chocolate (my favorite Chicago chocolate company)
  • Homemade sauces
  • An olive selection from my wildest dreams
  • A grocery section to fulfill daily shopping needs
  • A take-out counter to order fresh sandwiches and other treats
  • A small sit down area to feast on your purchase

Dave’s is truly a one-stop shop. Ten years ago, Dave’s began as a small fresh pasta shop, and the store has expanded twice. The first expansion happened six years ago, with the second happening two years ago.

The most unexpected and exciting part of the shop? Wine. Hello! Who loves wine? Me. So after a careful selection of tomato pasta and spinach pasta, I navigated through the food towards the wine area of the store.  And of course, what goes best with pasta? Wine.

Wine, Wine, everywhere Wine

Wine, Wine, everywhere Wine

I was pleased to find the majority of the bottles within the $10 - $20 range. I hold a high appreciation for a nice (and perhaps pricey) bottle of wine, but what I appreciate more is a nice bottle of wine that my budget can afford more than once a year. The wine shop started as a small area five years ago with around 100 bottles. Flash-forward to the present, and Dave’s offers an expanded collection of 275 bottles and bi-weekly wine and cocktail events to educate the community while sipping wines and having a great time. The last wine tasting of the season is coming up on June 9th—so call 617.623.0867 to check for availability. Or if you miss the wine tasting at the store, private wine tastings are also available. Who doesn’t like a wine event at home?

I ended up with a bottle of Polluce Lazio, a red wine for only $11 (that’s even before my discount). The staff was friendly and had plenty of suggestions to make my trip a breeze. I’m excited to try my pasta and wine for a feast with my fiancé very soon—so head over to Dave’s Fresh Pasta for your own sensory inducing experience.

Dave’s Fresh Pasta is located at 81 Holland Street in Davis Square, Somerville, MA  02144. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for the most up-to-date information on daily and weekly specials and in-store events.

Dave’s Fresh Pasta: Local money spent w/ coupon: 15.96 | SLF savings: $3.04  | Total savings: $16.64


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Locally Caught Fish delivered to Union Square? It could happen!

Jul 06 2:17 pm

by Emily Currier
Cape Ann Fresh CatchGloucester Fishermens Wives Association

You've heard of CSAs, now check out CSFs!

Want to take part in Somerville’s newest sustainability initiative? With summer in the air, Cape Ann Fresh Catch(CAFC)- Community Supported Fishery (CSF) is pleased toannounce that it will be coming to UNION SQUARE with fresh seafood deliveries set to start at the beginning of July. The fish is locally caught, fresh and delicious and the price is right—this program offers a sustainable and fun way to try somethinginteresting and new this summer!
Along with unparalleled freshness and flavor, this fish also comes with an added benefit: peace of mind. While enjoying into your locally caught dinner, you can pat yourself onthe back for being green and supportingthe local economy as well. CAFC fish is caught by community-based fishermen using sustainable fishing methods. Also, CAFC provides these local fishermen with a fair, higher-than-average price for their catch- helping many of them to stay in business during these tough economic times.


During its two years in operation, CAFC has been pleased to provide its share-embers with such varieties as bluefish, hake, monktail, pollock, skate, whiting, and red fish, as well as staples like cod, haddock and flounder. Because of our simple and direct boat-to-consumer model, thefish is usually swimming the morning before it hits your plate-completely unprocessed and never frozen. CAFC seafood is good for the local economy, good for the environment, and good for you!

A variety of share options are available to best suit your family’s needs. You can pick up your fish in UNION SQUARE on SATURDAYS from 11am-1pm. Please see the CAFC website formore information on the program:

Who Fishes Matters!

Before CAFC can come to Somerville, at least 80 people must express an interest in signingup by emailing us - be sure to spread the word so thisgreat program can come to Somerville!!!

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O’Connell & Rudolph: Cover Your Local Legal Needs

Jun 24 11:34 am




Serving the Beverly and Somerville areas, attorneys Jay S. Rudolph and Kathleen M. O’Connell of O’Connell & Rudolph, LLC have acquired a working relationship with the local community including local courthouses and local charitable organizations

Jay Rudolph

Attorney Rudolph graduated from the University of Florida with a B.S. in Accounting and obtained his J.D. at the New England School of Law. At New England, he was an Executive Case and Note Editor for the New England Law Review, a recipient of the American Jurisprudence Award in Property, a semifinalist at the National Environmental Moot Court Competition at Pace University Law School and twice recognized as a New England Scholar.  After graduating magna cum laude from New England, Attorney Rudolph served as a Law Clerk to the Justices of the Massachusetts Superior Court.  Prior to starting his own firm, Jay worked for a small firm in downtown Boston and a small firm in Woburn, focusing on residential and commercial real estate.  Specializing in Real Estate Law and Estate Planning, Attorney Rudolph also has experience representing businesses, LLC’s and individuals in the mediation and litigation processes. Additionally, Attorney Rudolph provides Probate Law and Estate Administration services.

Attorney Rudolph is a strong advocate for the local food movement and sits as Treasurer on the Board of Directors for Waltham Fields Community Farm, an organization that promotes local agriculture and food access.

Kathleen M. O’Connell graduated from Northeastern University School of Law in 1997. Thereafter, she served as a Law Clerk to the Justices of the Massachusetts Superior Court. As a Law Clerk, she was able to gain insight into the inner workings of the Court and learn what judges are looking for from advocates to best advance their positions.

Following her clerkship, Attorney O’Connell served as an associate at the Boston law firm of Carney & Bassil. There, she specialized in criminal defense and family law, with a particular concentration in high-conflict divorce and child custody cases.  After leaving Carney & Bassil, Kathleen worked as a public defender for the Committee for Public Counsel Services where she spent every day in court, fighting to protect her clients’ rights.

Attorney O’Connell left the public defender’s office to start O’Connell & Rudolph with her husband and partner Jay S. Rudolph. Together, they strive to provide comprehensive and compassionate services to individuals struggling with major life changes and conflicts. The attorneys at O’Connell & Rudolph work hard to be responsive to their clients’ needs in times of crisis.

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Mellowing Out SLF Coupon Style: Mass Metta Massage

Jun 23 10:35 am

By Alison Preston

This month’s business exploration has reduced me to jello. After weeks of working over 40 hours, planning a wedding and searching for a new apartment, I received a Thai massage from Emily at Mass Metta Massage.

Getting Meditative at Mass Metta Massage

Getting Meditative at Mass Metta Massage

Backing up a little bit, I’m writing a series of posts celebrating participants in the SLF coupon booklet. For only ten dollars you receive over $1,000 in discounts. My journeys thus far have taken me to The Independent, The Boston Shaker, Inman Oasis, Dave’s Fresh Pasta and now to Mass Metta Massage. With all the great massage places offered in the Health and Wellness section of the coupon booklet, it was tough decision where to go. For Mass Metta Massage (MMM), the SLF coupon booklet offers $20 off a first session. The website shares:

“Emily’s approach to bodywork is greatly influenced by her background in dance. The importance of body awareness, good posture, and flexibility were emphasized in her past training at the Boston Ballet Center for Dance Education and these themes are evident in her work today.  Ballet sparked her interest in kinesiology and has informed her understanding of the human body.”

Emily’s background in dance sparked my interest, as did her offering of Thai massage. As a former dancer retired due to numerous injuries, I was excited to find someone who could understand my past injuries and help with my ongoing healing.

Located off Davis Square at 862 Broadway, Mass Metta Massage is snuggled into a small strip of shops. When I arrived at the space, we chatted a bit while Emily prepared her floor mats (Thai massage is done on the floor). Emily’s background as a dancer is evident during her treatments. She is graceful yet strong a she moves your limbs, elongating muscles and releasing the tension from your body. As a disclaimer, I know one session wouldn’t cure all the ailments I brought with me, but the massage was a start on the way to a more relaxed and healthy state of mind.

Try a Thai Yoga Massage!

Before my treatment, I spoke with Emily about the goals she hopes to achieve with her clients. As I know from previous massages and other forms of positive touch, the body responds positively to human contact. Through the power of healing one can experience through massage, Emily hopes that she can bring people to a level where they can facilitate their own healing, while creating body awareness and understanding.

Mass Metta Massage offers Swedish and Deep Tissue table massage as well as Thai massage. Thai is done with the client fully clothed on the floor, and a treatment includes the massaging and stretching of the muscles. There’s no need to be a flexible pretzel for Thai Massage, the goal is to bring awareness and teach the body where it needs to be, no matter what level of flexibility.

So whether you’re a seasoned massage client or a newbie who wants more body awareness, I highly recommend calling Emily for an appointment—she’ll have you floating on a cloud in no time!

Mass Metta Massage: Local money spent w/ coupon: 70.00 (this includes tip) | SLF savings: $20.00  | Total savings: $36.64

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