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Locally Caught Fish delivered to Union Square? It could happen!

Jul 06 2:17 pm

by Emily Currier
Cape Ann Fresh CatchGloucester Fishermens Wives Association

You've heard of CSAs, now check out CSFs!

Want to take part in Somerville’s newest sustainability initiative? With summer in the air, Cape Ann Fresh Catch(CAFC)- Community Supported Fishery (CSF) is pleased toannounce that it will be coming to UNION SQUARE with fresh seafood deliveries set to start at the beginning of July. The fish is locally caught, fresh and delicious and the price is right—this program offers a sustainable and fun way to try somethinginteresting and new this summer!
Along with unparalleled freshness and flavor, this fish also comes with an added benefit: peace of mind. While enjoying into your locally caught dinner, you can pat yourself onthe back for being green and supportingthe local economy as well. CAFC fish is caught by community-based fishermen using sustainable fishing methods. Also, CAFC provides these local fishermen with a fair, higher-than-average price for their catch- helping many of them to stay in business during these tough economic times.


During its two years in operation, CAFC has been pleased to provide its share-embers with such varieties as bluefish, hake, monktail, pollock, skate, whiting, and red fish, as well as staples like cod, haddock and flounder. Because of our simple and direct boat-to-consumer model, thefish is usually swimming the morning before it hits your plate-completely unprocessed and never frozen. CAFC seafood is good for the local economy, good for the environment, and good for you!

A variety of share options are available to best suit your family’s needs. You can pick up your fish in UNION SQUARE on SATURDAYS from 11am-1pm. Please see the CAFC website formore information on the program:

Who Fishes Matters!

Before CAFC can come to Somerville, at least 80 people must express an interest in signingup by emailing us - be sure to spread the word so thisgreat program can come to Somerville!!!

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  1. Great to see CSF efforts grow. To help the fishing communities be found, there's a free database of map-based locator on A simple registration as a seller puts the sellers on the map from which local community can not only find the local business, but also place CSF orders and all sorts of "scheduled" local pickup and delivery orders. It's time to level the playing field for local businesses with online automation!

    Comment by Jay — July 11, 2011 @1:32 pm

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