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Samara Yoga: Yoga in the Heart of Davis Square

Oct 13 10:27 am
Nicoline Valkenberg, Owner of Samara Yoga

Nicoline Valkenberg

Today’s post comes from SLF Member Nicoline Valkenberg. Nicoline owns Samara Yoga in Davis Square, where she is also an instructor. Find out why Nicoline decided to set up shop in Davis and how you can get a taste of Samara at their upcoming open house below:

“Yoga in the heart of Davis Square”. We chose this tagline for our new studio - Samara Yoga – a sunny 1,500 square foot space tucked above the urban canopy of Davis Square- not just because of our location in the middle of this eclectic Somerville neighborhood, but because of Yoga’s capacity to help us live from our hearts amidst the chaos of modern life.

A nod to our location on Elm Street - our name Samara refers to the winged pockets that carry off the seeds of the elm tree - a lucky metaphor for the process of personal transformation on the mat becoming positive change carried out into the world.

Having just enjoyed Honk Fest from our windows overlooking Davis, I really feel I am in the right place. After having taught for years on the Boston side of the river, I am reminded of Somerville’s crowds of creative change-makers, movers and shakers. I’m excited to be contributing to this rockin’ community, a dedicated Yoga space with some of my dearest friends – who I can honestly name as some of the Boston area’s most sought-after Yoga teachers.

This weekend, October 16-17, Samara Yoga will celebrate joining the vibrant Davis Square community with an Open House! Come tour our beautiful space, and sample our weekend long schedule of free Yoga classes accompanied by live music, complimentary massage and acupuncture by the studio’s resident specialists, and a Sunday evening potluck party where students and instructors can meet and mingle over bean salad instead of bakasana.

Open House with Free Yoga, Massage, Acupuncture and Potluck Dinner

Sat. Oct. 16 9am-6pm - Sun. Oct. 17 10am-6:30pm (Dinner at 7pm).

For more information on this weekend’s events please visit Samara Yoga’s Events page.

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