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Delicious Diversity at YUM!

Apr 09 9:24 am


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SLF Board Member Sarah Shugars is this week’s guest blogger!

The thing I love most about Somerville is its diversity. And what better way to celebrate diversity than by eating lots of food?

Seriously, though. We all know the important role local businesses play in our community – supporting the economy, minimizing impact on the environment and expressing Somerville’s fun, funky personality.

Immigrant-owned businesses, and particularly restaurants, play a similar critical role. They are centers of community – gathering places where immigrants can get a taste of home and others can get a taste of something different. They express who we are as a city and the rich, diverse character we all love.

And we all love to eat…yummm.

For the fourth year, SLF member The Welcome Project is hosting a unique opportunity to try tastes from immigrant-owned restaurants across the city. YUM: A Taste of Immigrant City will be held Thursday, April 25 at 7:00 pm at the Center for Arts at the Armory (also an SLF member!). If you’re feeling inspired already, you can get your tickets online now!

The event will feature tastes from 11 restaurants, live entertainment, a silent auction and recognition of the work that the East Somerville Community School PTA has done to ensure all parents are able to participate in their child’s education.

And yes, there will be a giant puppet of Haitian revolutionary Toussaint Louverture. Why? Because it’s not really a Somerville event until someone breaks out a giant puppet.

No, actually because the larger than life Louverture has been engaging local Haitian youth in learning about their country’s history through a partnership with The Underground Railway Theater, The Welcome Project, the Haitian Coalition and Books of Hope.

Speaking of which, all proceeds from the event will benefit The Welcome Project, a great non-profit which offers ESOL classes, supports multilingual and multicultural parental engagement in the school system and trains bi-lingual Somerville youth as interpreters. You may have seen some of these impressive young people interpreting at city events.

But…back to the food.

Participating restaurants are:

Aguacate Verde: Mexican | Porter Square
Amelia’s Kitchen: Italian | Teele Square
Fasika: Ethiopian | East Somerville
Gauchao: Brazilian | East Somerville
Masala: Indian and Nepali | Teele Square
Istanbul’lu: Turkish | Teele Square
Los Paisanos: Central American | East Somerville
Maya Sol: Mexican | East Somerville
The Neighborhood Restaurant: Portuguese | Union Square
Sabur: Mediterranean | Teele Square
Yak and Yeti: Nepali and Indian | Ball Square

Oh, and if you’re wondering, all of these restaurants are part of the City’s Shape Up Approved campaign, so you may not even have to hit up any of Somerville’s great local gyms afterwards.

See you there!

YUM: A Taste of Immigrant City
Thursday, April 25 at 7:00 pm
Center for Arts at the Armory
Get tickets online now

In addition to working tirelessly to promote SLF, Sarah is also active with YUM: A Taste of Immigrant City and the Welcome Project.

And remember…. comment on this post for the chance to win 2 free tickets to the event!

  • sswaan

    This is a great group of restaurants! Fasika and Sabur are two of my favorites. I’d love to win tickets; my email is at (avoiding spambots). Thanks!

  • randomhookup

    Looking forward to a chance to win. joesbff at gmail

  • Susan Crandall

    I’ve been looking forward to trying these restaurants

  • sarahtheresa

    This looks delicious! Hope I win :)

  • Erika S.

    I’m excited to try all of these restaurants at once. Also, I’ll never turn down a giant puppet revolutionary!

  • Heather G

    Sounds wonderful!!

  • Spencer

    Would love to attend…hope I win! rockmodestly[at]

  • Jaime

    YUM is one of the gems of Somerville!

  • Zarina Fernández

    I would love to go to YUM! Pick me! [email protected]

  • susan edwards

    I would love to go! I live in the Armory neighborhood and would love to sample new veggie options at restaurants I’m not familiar with.

  • Winnie Zhuang

    Havent been able to make it in the past years; I hope to make it over this year! ([email protected])

  • steven folkins

    this looks great! [email protected]

  • lissa

    Sounds like fun

  • Alicia

    have been wanting to try several of these… this would be the perfect opportunity!

  • Josh Beaton

    This sounds amazing! Would love to win!

  • Mary Beth McHugh

    I’ve had a couple of fun nights at Fasika! The owner and employees have always been great! It’s like eating at a friend’s house :o)

  • Jason

    Sounds great! I hope I win!

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