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One more chance to win ~ Session II Harvest Fest Tix Contest

Oct 12 7:06 pm

We’ve got tons of stuff on our plate (waka waka) right now at SLF, gearing up for what’s going to be an amazing event at Harvest  Fest 2011.

Sip, Sup and Support

So let’s keep this short and sweet.  You wanna go to the evening session of Harvest Fest.  You didn’t get your presale tickets.  You’re not sure you’re gonna get one of those coveted door tickets.  What do you do?

You enter this contest, that’s what.  Simply comment on this blog post by Friday at 3:00 PM for a chance to win two FREE tickets to Session II of Harvest Fest.

Good luck and see ya on Saturday!

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  • Chris Gullo

    i’m a recent transplant to davis square and would love to check this out.

  • Elise Ramsay

    Oo! Would love this - sounds like an awesome event :)

  • Julie

    Ooh! This sounds like such a great event.

  • Kkmurray

    I would love to go to this. Somerville Rocks!

  • Sean White

    I have a few friends attending, but couldnt pull the trigger in time because of work travel. I hope I get a second chance to attend!

  • BostonHopHead

    I hope I get the chance to attend the Harvest Fest!

  • jll

    We are newlyweds (3 wks ago) and for some reason, denied ourselves honeymoons to meet so-called big d-lines at work. Savoring excellent food and company at Harvest Fest would make for our most exotic outing in married life so far.

  • Amanda

    Last year harvest fest was awesome, procrastination is not! Oops!

  • Brittany Morford

    My parents will be making their first visit here. I would love to take them to this!

  • Mary

    Our camping trip was cancelled so now we’ll be in town.. would love to be there!!

  • Anonymous

    I would absolutely love to go to Harvest Fest this year! I love supporting local businesses and love Somerville!

  • katie kelsall

    My friends are silly and waited too long to buy tickets and I need some partners in crime!

  • Tim V

    My girlfriend and I could use some fun this weekend, and this definitely sounds like a blast.

  • Jason

    If I win the tickets, I’m taking my friend for his birthday. Harvest Fest would be a great way to spend a birthday!

  • Mgmunsell


  • Fletch

    Pick me, pick me! I will take a very deserving beer connoisseur named Chris Brady who is celebrating his birthday that evening. He definitely should be at the Harvest Fest to start things off!

  • Diana Marie

    i want to play! i just had my tonsils removed, right before my 25th beeday, and can finally EAT and DRINK after over 2 weeks of firecracker popsicles and strawberry italian ice! i am the most deserving :]

  • Matt

    Sounds like fun, I want in!

  • Angela Brown

    This sounds amazing. My boyfriend and I have been struggling with money the past few months and have not been able to do much of anything. This is our kinda place! Food + Beer= Love!

    Pick me!

  • Jennifer Bair

    yes please!

  • emily munroe

    I want to go! Please pick me!

  • Bernie

    Alas, I won’t be in town this weekend so I’m posting for my buddy Chris Brady. He’s been looking forward to HarvestFest doubling as his birthday party since last year’s event. If he wins the tickets, maybe we can even post his picture - give him a bit of noteriety with the crowd so everyone can with him a Happy Birthday.

    If not for Chris, do it for the ladies of Somerville - they really do deserve the chance to meet one of the most high quality guys in the city.

  • Melissa L

    Free craft beer experience for a broke student? Yes please!

  • Tommy

    Nothing better than local mead, beer and food expect all three together.

  • Diane D

    Last year was amazing! Hope to experience a second time!

  • Rachel

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • Derherdader

    I hope I don’t win… oh wait.

  • Atitel

    I would love to surprise my bf and take him there! He’s a big fan of beer and food.

  • NathanP

    I will be Chris Brady’s birthday date if I win tickets. As Mrs. Nuts says, “He’s so handsome!”

  • Alex R

    wooo! Harvest fest!

  • Sara A.

    Please pick me! I love beer and Food and Somerville! :)

  • stacy

    Yummm. I already have my ticket but some friends didn’t get theirs!

  • Jamie

    I have friends that I’d like to bring, to introduce them not only to Somerville Local First, but to eating and drinking locally!

  • Anonymous

    A Harvestfest Haiku

    Harvestfest so close
    Tickets for two pretty please
    Need some food and beer.

  • Wenzday Jane

    Does my comment have to be witty in order to win? cuz i don’t think I can make that happen this early in the morning
    I would love to go!

  • mr pants

    I’ve been sick all week and believe the elixir(s) I’m in need of may just be available here.

  • SalinaTam

    Just found out about this event through your Facebook page. This seems really fun so we decided to share it with our FB members as well.

  • Tara

    I want to go!

  • Melody Gaeta

    This sounds like fun! :)

  • Somerville Local First

    Congrats Nathan, Brian Hart, one of our fans, picked your number at random. We’ll email your your winnings!

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