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Aiki-Yoga: 2-For-1 Seminars at Shobu Aikido

Oct 13 11:19 am

Find your inner strength - with Aiki-Yoga!

What color belt did you get to in karate class as a kid? Yellow? White with two stripes? You probably thought that would be the extent of your martial arts practice in your lifetime; however, there is a whole world (literally!) of martial arts styles, waiting to be explored. But you don’t have to go to the corners of the Earth to learn some of these techniques. In fact, there is a studio that teaches the principles of aikido, a Japanese defensive martial art – right here in our very own Somerville!

In Somerville and beyond, yoga has been the hot thing is fitness for some time now. But did you know that if you are a regular practitioner of yoga, you are already a ways along in your martial arts training?

There is deep rooted connection between yoga and martial arts. They are two branches of the same tree. One branch studied yoga for healing and spiritual development, whereas the warrior caste studied pressure points and used their internal power for fighting applications.

Today many martial arts focus on timing, technique and external power. However, ancient martial artists studied energy-focusing techniques to use the breath to unify the body and mind.

Many modern day yogis stay true to the original teachings that are meant to develop internal power. Therefore, someone who understands yoga can learn to harness their internal power for self-defense applications.

That’s why Shobu Aikido has partnered with yoga instructors from around the city to bring you Aiki-Yoga. Aiki-Yoga studies the overlap between the two disciplines. Classes focus on the traditional energetic forms of martial arts and include 75 minutes of yoga instruction, followed by an introduction to Aiki-Yoga.

Students will be taught body conditioning exercises (fascia, tendon, breath) as a way to develop internal power. These techniques can be easily practiced at home or integrated into an existing yoga practice. Newbies are welcome - no martial art or yoga experience necessary!


Classes will be held Saturday October 15th, 22nd and 29th with a $10 suggested donation.

Seminar includes:

Yoga Class: 9am-10:30am

Oct 15th Maggie Hall from O2 Yoga (Vinyasa)
Oct 22nd & Oct 29th - Cyndi Laird, Back Bay Yoga (Astanga)

Aiki-Yoga 10:30am-noon
Taught by Gordon Fontaine, Shobu Aikido

Register for Aiki-Yoga this Saturday and work up an appetite for Harvest Fest!


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