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Relive the Awesomeness that was Harvest Fest 2011

Oct 18 2:24 pm

SLF’s Harvest Fest fundraiser always starts off with a bang – this year started off with an alarm. If you dropped by early on Saturday for Session I, you were likely greeted with sirens and flashing lights. Luckily, everyone’s panic was quelled with the news that it was, indeed, a false alarm, set off by the Armory Café’s kitchen, and the only injured party was a very burnt batch of cookies.


False alarm, folks!

The fire department arrived just in time to set everything right, and Harvest Fest Session I started right on schedule.

The perk of being there when the doors opened was no lines. However, the downside was that my friend and I, ignoring the fact that we had a full four hours to sample at our leisure, tried to eat and drink everything in sight as fast as could. After getting about two thirds of the way through all the restaurants, we had to take a break. In the words of one wise tweeter, it was time for “HarvestNap2011.”

This year’s event brought together several of the Somerville staples we know and love, but we were also introduced to some new kids on the block. Five Horses Tavern, barely a month old, flaunted its extensive beer list, and the pork belly taco they served, a regular menu item, was a fan favorite. 3LittleFigs, a Mediterranean-style bakery opening on Highland this month, wowed at Session I by a.) being adorable and b.) serving up a mouthwatering Local Squash & Yogurt Baby Bundt Cake. At Session II, Foundry on Elm speakeasy project Saloon finally gave us a little detail behind all the mystery while sampling a chicken liver pate with beet jam. Speaking of beets, Pizzeria Posto had a delicious fall twist on a classic with their beet bruschetta. Mmm, fall in New England, so delicious.


Cannolis from Pizzeria Posto, yum!

Oh, and there was beer. Lots and lots of local suds. With seven breweries, one cidery, and a mustachioed baby (courtesy of Pretty Things), each offering 3-4 options, there were nearly 30 different drafts to try. Newcomer Clown Shoes was a hit, and we hope they’ll be joining us again next year! The room layout interspersed the breweries and the restaurant tables, so everyone got to play amateur food/beer pairer. Attendees got to sample the whole brew rainbow – brewers brought everything ranging from Belgian whites to hardy porters.

The entertainment this year was fantastic. Hugh McGowan rallied his local musician buddies Tom Bianchi, Todd Russell and Ruth Anzalone of The Wild Sea, Jenee Halstead, Mike Hastings, and Kenneth Budka for an awesome collaborative set during Session I. Catch McGowan at The Burren open mic night on Tuesdays. Session II rendered the Armory unrecognizable, as DJ Die Young filled the enormous space with his electro set, accompanied by the light show of Boston Hoop Troop, doing things with hula hoops I didn’t know were possible. Then, of course, the dancing began, as the taps started to kick and all that beer began to set in.


Hugh McGowan, playing his own set to close Harvest Fest 2011

We ensured that Harvest Fest Tweeters will never again be satisfied unless tweeting via giant screen with a room full of people. Check out the tidbits you missed with #HarvestFest2011. And be sure to keep checking our Facebook for your photo booth pics! Here’s a taste:


Look! Thar be some local booty!

All in all, we had a really great turnout this year (Session II door tickets sold out in under 10 minutes!), and we ended up raising over $10,000 to fund our local mission. Thanks so much to everyone who came out to support SLF and thanks to all the hard work and contributions from the restaurants, breweries, entertainment, and volunteers! We’ll see you again next year!

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