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August Luncheon Recap

Sep 06 5:29 pm

It was great fun in the Sun with a picnic, pets, and pictures! We had attendees from:
Eastern Bank, Somerville Cleaning, Union Square Main Streets, Templeman Automation, Green City Growers, Centerpoint Architects, Riverdog, Twomamas Photography, Corp Basics, Somerville’s Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development, Block 11, Hub Comics, Recover Roofs, Somerville Arts Council, and Metro Pedal Power.

Email [email protected] for a link to follow up with information about the Union Square Revitalization Plan that George Proakis discussed.

Check out some photos from the event:

Thank you to everyone one who came and special thanks to our host:
Two mamas
Machu Picchu
Somerville Cleaning

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