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Dec 13 12:34 pm

From the Somerville Local First Board of Directors.

Dear friends, neighbors and business owners,

Show Your Local Love

We as Somervillans have the power to shape our community. At Somerville Local First, we believe that each one of us benefits from living or working in a diverse and vibrant city with thriving local businesses and engaged customers. We believe that it makes a difference when you can talk to the craftsperson whose work you are buying, when you can walk to a neighborhood store or dine on locally produced food. We want to live in a city where neighbors know each other and business owners greet you by name.

Please consider donating to SLF

With your support, SLF has helped make Somerville that type of community thrive. For five years, we have educated residents and business owners alike on the value of the local economy. We have changed the way people shop and provided meaningful opportunities for business owners to connect with each other.

We're not an organization against things, we're for sustainable and strong local economies

We’re an organization that stands for things…like sustainable and strong local economies

When I started my new business in Somerville this year, SLF was instrumental in providing marketing support, helping us connect to the community of Somerville and even found us a phenomenal graphic designer who was willing to help us with our logo in exchange for classes! SLF makes doing business in Somerville so easy and fun! -Heather Schmidt, SLF member and owner of City Chicks

This year, we were thrilled to welcome our new executive director, Kat Rutkin, who played a lead role in growing our work. We connected Union Square business owners through our first SLF chapter, launched a burgeoning new initiative to support women entrepreneurs, supplied our members with free mobile websites through an innovative partnership with PagePart, and hosted our first ever holiday market which brought out 49 vendors and over 2000 holiday shoppers.

My experience with the Local is for Lovers market has made me even more passionate about following my path as an artist and marketing my work. I’ve even planned on speaking with different businesses and galleries this week about moving forward…It opened my eyes to the market for local goods and helped inspire me to keep creating things, not only for the public, but for myself. -Alexandra Boeri, Market Vendor

“I have to say that I was blown away by the event and couldn’t find anything that wasn’t perfect… the day was amazing! I would LOVE to sign up for your next event and also was curious how to join Somerville Local First!” -Jennifer Devine, Market Vendor

Please consider donating to SLF

We need your help to continue this important work. Your support means helping more small businesses find their feet in Somerville, educating people about the impact of their shopping decisions, and working towards sustaining the vibrant local economy we all love.

With warm regards and holiday wishes,

The Somerville Local First Board of Directors
Jonathan Buck
Joe Grafton
Jennifer Lawrence
Ronald Leeks
Courtney O’Keefe
Andy Pyman
Sarah Shugars
Grover Taylor
Dimitra Tsourianis
Ray Zonghetti

ps: Donations of $50 or more get a limited edition Local is for Lovers tote bag or tshirt! (Limited sizes and quantities available, while supplies last.) 


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