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New Year’s Resolutions: Skip the Diet, Take a Class!

Jan 20 10:57 am

By Elise Ramsay


Every January, people make grandiose promises to themselves and are then smothered by “resolution” content on the Internet. This post seeks to inflict neither upon you!

Ignore the “R word” for a moment and simply reflect on your experience in the local community last year. Perhaps you Shifted Your Shopping and supported Somerville businesses in the traditional sense: buying goods. However, there are many more businesses in the community than just those that peddle scarves, booze, or muffins (mind you, those still remain January essentials). This year, consider supporting local businesses in another, unique way.

Many Somerville businesses offer workshops and classes on everything from risotto to acrobatics (though perhaps a bad idea in that order). By taking one of several great classes around the area, you can learn a new skill as well as have some quality interaction with the members of your community. Support businesses while learning a bit about the people behind each one. So much learning! It’s good for you, unlike that boring diet you abandoned last year. Here are some great classes to get you started:


Eat and Drink:


Cooking Classes at Dave's Fresh Pasta. Photo Cred:

Dave’s Fresh Pasta is offering a gluttonous lineup in 2012, including method or dish-specific classes such as Deep Fried Cooking, Pasta Making, Sauce Making, Risotto & Gnocchi, and Mozzarella Cheese Making with the owner of Fiore di Nonno! In addition, they’re offering edible tours of various regions of Italy, such as Tuscany, Campania, Emilia-Romagna, and Piedmont. Classes range from $50-$60, while wine tastings paired with food, such as Italian Wine and Pasta Night, Spicy Beer Night, and Wine & Pizza Night, range from $40-$50. Call 617-623-0867 or visit their website for details.


The Boston Shaker is offering Craft Cocktail Techniques classes, the first of which is 1/18 from 7:30-9:30pm. With each class ($70, taught by Adam, the owner) you’ll also get a Basic Shaker Kit to take home with you! See their Facebook page for more information.


ArtEpicure has a packed schedule of cooking classes, including options for private or semi-private classes for your own group of people. A traditional class ends by eating the meal you’ve made, so go hungry! You can even tailor a class to your own specific foodie interests, if you wish. The variety of options is vast, so check out their website for detailed information.


Get Physical:

Broga is the brilliant synthesis of yoga and traditionally male-friendly exercise. In their words, it’s male-oriented yoga “where it’s okay if you can’t touch your toes.” If you’re a guy who has been interested in yoga but apprehensive about venturing into a Lululemon-clad room, try a Broga class ($15 drop-in, $100 for 10) at 10am or 12pm Saturdays at the Somerville Armory. While Broga is geared toward men, women are welcome to attend as well. Read more about the idea here.


Broga at the Somerville Armory. Photo Cred:


Aircraft Aerial Arts offers “taster” classes for those interested in learning the basics of aerial silks, static trapeze, and hoop. These classes are only $25, which seems more than worth it for the amazing story you’ll have of trying your hand at circus artistry. Check their website for updated taster classes.


Hone Skills:

Camera Eye Workshops offers classes in both photography and photo editing for all levels. Do you know the basics of photography but want to take your work to the next level? The Camera Eye Seminar I is a unique and creative approach, “where students will explore photographic seeing and visual thinking.” Other classes focus on contemporary portraits, Photoshop, lighting, and more. More information can be found here.


Union Press offers letterpress workshops that several designer friends swear by. They are planning one for late January and several in February, so keep an eye on their Facebook page and website!


Union Press Letterpress Workshops. Photo Cred:


In 2012, take the opportunity to become even more connected to your community by taking some of these classes and exercising your brain!


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