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Not Your Generic Gift Guide: Gentleman, I Gift You…Somerville!

Dec 13 3:26 pm

By Elise Ramsay

Many gift guides for men suggest some fairly outlandish options: Waterproof everything! Noise-cancelling hats! Who are these gifts for? For the real men in your life, ignore online gadget deals and head out into your own neighborhood. Here’s what to get for that guy who is:


…a respectable nerd who likes to indulge his inner kid:

You can’t get much more Somervillian than a superhero made of Marshmallow Fluff. In Fluff Boy, local artists share the illustrated journey of young Jimmy overcoming obstacles to become the fluff-filled hero. For a true Somerville-phile, one of the best parts of Fluff Boy might be the hand drawn ads for local businesses that accompany the comic.

Fluff Boy comic, HUB comics, $5


Add a dose of super-heroics to his daily life with this infographic t-shirt organizing every documented superhuman ability.

Pop Chart Labs Superpowers shirt, Magpie, $22

Superpowers shirt detail, Magpie, $22


Shifting gears (pun intended) from caped crusaders to circuits, this set of robot prints by Emily Dumas is an awesome way to add a pop of color to his place.

Robot prints, Magpie, $40


Even jeans-and-t-shirt guys need to dress up every now and then, and these ties by Mister Nutter strike the perfect balance between casual and sharp. They have a great story, as well — most items (they have cycling caps, too!) are made from fabrics woven locally and “civil war reproduction fabrics.”

Mister Nutter ties, Magpie, $60

Mister Nutter tie, Magpie, $60. Photo Cred:


If he’s really adventurous with his home decor, he’ll like Freaky Fleece’s pillows in funky shapes like floppy disks and eggs. Let’s face it, he’d probably like to fall asleep on a bacon pillow — make that dream come true!

Freaky Fleece pillows, Magpie, $30-$50


…an ambitious amateur chef:

Perhaps this guy finally moved into a place with a decent kitchen, or maybe he’s had one for a while-either way, he’s looking to hone his skills. Help him class up the place with this slate cheese board, perfect for serving cheese and charcuterie assortments from Dave’s Fresh Pasta or Sherman Market.

Slate cheese board, Dsquared, $24


A great cocktail should always accompany such a platter, and there’s no better way to get his bar started than with The Boston Shaker’s Bar Builder set. Is he already a seasoned mixologist? Check out their Parisian or Whiskey Lover sets to add a specialized touch.

Bar builder set, The Boston Shaker, $50. Photo Cred:


If he’s more of a beer guy, go for this great poster; it organizes every variation on ales, lagers, and more.

Beer poster, Magpie, $25. Photo Cred:


Continue the gastronomic education with The Geometry of Pasta, a book that combines graphic design with an encyclopedic breadth of information on countless pasta shapes (with recipes!).

The Geometry of Pasta, Dsquared, $24.95


Give him the chance to try his own hand at some noodles in a cooking class at Dave’s Fresh Pasta. In addition to pasta courses, there are classes entitled “Deep Fried Foods,” “Risotto & Gnocchi,” and many more on the schedule. Just make sure you benefit from his new-found culinary genius!

Cooking class at Dave’s: Deep-fried foods 1/25, $50 + Risotto & Gnocchi 1/10, $50. Photo Cred:


…a sophisticated guy who retains his cool.

This guy might wear a suit more regularly than the aforementioned lads, but he’s down to earth nonetheless. To keep him warm and stylish, go for a handmade scarf by Well Suited Design. Local designer Christopher Dersosier makes each from classic suiting and menswear, making them perfect for the guy who might not be caught dead in a scarf of the knitted variety. There are also solid print options for the patchwork-averse.

Handmade scarves by Well Suited Design, Dsquared, $30-50

Scarves by Well Suited Design, Dsquared, $30-50


This beautifully understated print by Union Press would be an easy addition to his home or office.

Union Press print, Grand, $50. Photo Cred:


A louder option is this poster on the origins and intersections of rap names, perfect for your dad who is inexplicably into hip-hop (sorry, Dad) or your music-snob friend.

Pop Chart Lab Rap Names poster, Magpie, $25. Photo Cred:


Who said superheroes should have all the fun? Get him started on Incognito, a series of graphic novels about a super-villian.

Incognito graphic novel, HUB comics, $18.99

Pair this noir comic with a clever cocktail using his new bitters kit from The Boston Shaker, and this guy will be even cooler going into the new year.

Bitters kit + book, The Boston Shaker, $85. Photo Cred:


It should be mentioned that a great gift option for all guys (who like an alcoholic beverage now and then) is as simple as a trip to Downtown Wine and Spirits. Ask the employees to help you find an interesting beer, wine, or liquor based on what you know he already likes. They couldn’t be more helpful and have a dizzying array of unique options. Get out there and Shift Your Shopping!



416 Highland Ave

Somerville, MA 02144



374 Somerville Ave

Somerville, MA 02143


HUB comics

19 Bow Street

Somerville, MA 02143


Dave’s Fresh Pasta

81 Holland Street

Somerville, MA 02144


Davis Squared

418 Highland Ave

Somerville, MA 02144


The Boston Shaker

69 Holland Street

Somerville, MA 02144


Downtown Wine & Spirits

225 Elm Street

Somerville, MA 02144


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