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Not Your Generic Gift Guide: For the Ladies

Dec 07 10:00 am

By Elise Ramsay

This post is part of our series covering Shift Your Shopping Week, which runs in Somerville from December 2-11.  Shift Your Shopping week highlights holiday shopping themed events and gift ideas from local businesses to promote choosing local and independent this holiday season. Shift Your Shopping week is part of SLF’s 3rd annual Shift Your Shopping campaign, now a national collaboration of hundreds of local business networks. To find out more about Shift Your Shopping, related events, and how you can get involved, please visit


There’s no better time to make a point of shopping locally—with the Red Line construction this holiday season, businesses in the community need our attention more than ever. Luckily, Somerville has all the gifts you’ll ever need for the ladies in your life. Here’s what to buy for:


Your friend/girlfriend/daughter who has a taste for drama:

Artifaktori is delightfully lit up for the holidays by sparkling dresses and accessories. This sequined dress and mink hat (with a pom-pom, no less!) are too fun and holiday-perfect to miss.


Vintage dress, Artifaktori, $60


Mink fur hat, Artifaktori, $50


Equally bold are these gorgeous gold earrings in the shape of curved feathers by Erica Weiner at Magpie.


Bent feather hoops by Erica Weiner, Magpie, $50. Photo Cred:


She will also likely love “A Very Helpful Guide To: GAGA,” a hilarious comic book by local artist Laurel Leake that dissects the pop drama queen with witty illustrations.


GAGA comic, HUB comics, price unlisted (under $10)

GAGA comic interior preview, HUB comics. Photo Cred: ukzl


Your younger cousin/daughter/sister in high school or college:

She will be sick of reading textbooks, so give her eyes a break with Blankets, an excellent graphic novel for people who aren’t necessarily into comics. It provides a captivating romance, plus it’s not Twilight.


Blankets, HUB comics, $39.95


For a unique alternative to mass-produced printed tees, Magpie offers shirts by raeburn ink. The intricate patterns are pretty incredible and are hand printed in Massachusetts, to boot.


raeburn ink shirt, Magpie, $44


raeburn ink detail, Magpie, $44


Great accessories can be found at e. scott originals, where the forget-me-knot rings are cute as singles and even more eye-catching when stacked.


forget-me-knot rings, e. scott originals, $25 each


Another safe bet is this pair of dragonfly studs by Erin Croft Graves, which will undoubtedly appeal to a wide variety of personal styles.


dragonfly studs, Erin Croft Graves, $50


dragonfly stud detail, Erin Croft Graves, $50. Photo Cred:


Finally, there’s something to be said for the survival of non-digital planners, and there aren’t many that make organization more badass than Slingshot. Available at Magpie in a variety of punk-y colors, Slingshot promotes humor and esoteric knowledge as well as time management.


Slingshot! planner, Magpie, $6.50


Your graphic designer/crafty friend who already has every cool thing, ever:

Give them this DIY-tastic felting kit by Woolbuddy that produces cute companions of varying species.


Woolbuddy kit, Magpie, $24


Snag a pre-made buddy of your own while you’re at it.


Woolbuddies, Magpie, $18


Does she have an ever-expanding Pyrex and vintage housewares collection? This fantastic green Fire-King bowl at Consignment Galleries is just the “retro unnecessary” she needs.


Fire-King bowl, Consignment Galleries, $20


Most of her jewelry is of the quirky object variety, so she will dig these chair studs at Artifaktori (made by a local designer).

Locally-made chair earrings, Artifaktori, $55


Another offbeat option she’ll be all over is a piece from Jade Moran’s series inspired by intersecting power lines and rooftops. These couldn’t get more local—each item is based on a photograph taken around the area.


Birds, Gears, & Telephone Wires necklace, Jade Moran, $125-$275. Photo Cred:


Since she probably already has Blankets on her shelf, her comic gift of choice should be any or all of the “Geraniums and Bacon” series by local artist Cathy Leamy. Each issue contains musings on various topics in a witty and imaginative voice.


Geraniums & Bacon, HUB comics, $3 each


Geraniums & Bacon interior preview, HUB comics, $3. Photo Cred:


Your sophisticated/funky/artsy mom:

The shared studios of Erin Croft Graves and Ruchika Madan offer countless possibilities, including the beautifully simple Bubbles bracelet and Peapod dish.


Bubbles bracelet, Erin Croft Graves, $150


Peapod dish, Ruchika Madan, $22. Photo Cred:


For a handmade classic look, this lariat with leaves from e. scott originals is the perfect necklace she can wear with just about anything.


fall leaf lariat, e. scott originals, $70


Get adventurous at Artifaktori with this vintage lace long-sleeved top—it’s one of those daring items that she’ll look great in yet wouldn’t usually buy herself.

Vintage lace top, Artifaktori, $60


On the household side of things, she will appreciate this incredibly ornate candlestick, also at Artifaktori (it really doesn’t even need a candle, it’s so cool).


Vintage candlestick, Artifaktori, $35


Finally, for a sweet touch at the price of a stocking stuffer, this glass chick container is something she can make room for just about anywhere.


Chick dish, Consignment Galleries, $4



416 Highland Ave

Somerville, MA 02144


Consignment Galleries

363 Highland Ave

Somerville, MA 02144



22 College Ave

Somerville, MA 02144


e. scott originals

199B Highland Ave

Somerville, MA 02143


Erin Croft Graves

Ruchika Madan

259 Highland Ave

Somerville, MA 02143


HUB comics

19 Bow Street

Somerville, MA 02143


Jade Moran

257 Highland Ave

Somerville, MA 02143


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