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Somerville Local Music: Live Hip Hop with Afro DZ ak All Starz

Nov 07 10:07 am

By Sam Coren

Afro D

Afro D

There seems to be a major lack of “real” fall here in the ‘Ville. But just because it’s cold and gross out doesn’t mean you can’t hit the town up for a night of great live music! Musicians operate like the postal service:  rain, snow, or shine - they’re gigging in it. So why don’t you toss on your hats and gloves and go rock those socks off to some of these fine upcoming shows:

November 9th:  @ Leo Nocentelli (Johnny D’s)

Everybody could use a bit more New Orleans funk in their musical diet. And no one knows how to bring it like Leo Nocentelli, guitarist and founding member of The Meters. Hop on down to Johnny D’s to get a big helping of Meters classics such as “Cissy Strut” and “Fire on the Bayou” served up fresh before your eyes by axe-master Leo.


November 11th:   Lovewhip,  Streight Angular, SPF 5000 (Radio)

If you haven’t checked out the new rock club in town, Radio, you don’t know what you’re missing. The new joint is housed in the former Club Choices spot across from Market Basket on Somerville Ave and is quickly winning over the hearts and minds of even the most jaded live music lovers in the hood. If you need an excuse to get down there and let loose don’t miss this eclectic line up of no-frills rock with a dash of EDM. Streight Angular will have you singing along to infectiously catchy pop rock anthems while their funky electro rocking friends Lovewhip will get your feet moving. Haven’t heard any new House beats in awhile? Be sure to catch the mega-fabulous SPF 5000.

November 12th:  Dave Alvin & The Guilty Ones (Johnny D’s)

Dave Alvin is bringing back the art of the barroom guitar, one gig at a time. This Grammy-award winning singer-songwriter plays a unique brand of Americana blues with brooding vocals that would be right at home in a Tarintino flick. His songs are deeply seeded in his roots as a 4th generation Californian who saw his hometown of Downey evolve from orange groves and dairy farms into tract homes and freeways.

November 13th: - Ryan Schmidt with Micah and Rhianna Larocque (Radio)


Need an evening of new live music you can feel safe bringing your mom to in a pinch? Boston indie folk singer-songwriters Ryan Schmidt and Micah will be sharing the bill at Radio with the lovely Rhianna Larocque from Maryland. Your inner Jason Mraz and Cat Power fan will thank you for not missing out.

November 14th:  Second Day Venom with Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor and The New Highway Hymnal (PA’s Lounge)

Into pretty sounding shoegaze ala Asobi Seksu? Check out Second Day Venom at PA’s, a local act that will start your work week right. Opening duties will be left to Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor, a trippy psych rock group right out of Detroit that raided your Dad’s The Doors album stash.

November 16th:  Sticky Fuzz, Afro D All Starz, The Tree, Seth Wonkka, Dan Tedesco (Precinct)

You’ve never heard a trumpet player bust rhymes until you’ve witnessed the amazing Afro D (aka Pete Shungu). The MC/Trumpet player will be leading the powerhouse live hip hop ensemble called the Afro DZ ak All Stars, which consists of 8-12 musicians. How will they all fit on stage at Precinct? That remains a mystery. A must-see act for fans of The Roots, K’naan, and Roy Hargrove. They’ll be sharing the bill with Sticky Fuzz, The Tree, Seth Wonkka, and Dan Tedesco.

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