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Bow Street Yoga Gives Needy ‘Second Chances’

Nov 08 1:58 pm

Every year when temperatures start to drop and you begin to dig out the ol’ winter sweater collection, you probably come across items of clothing that you haven’t worn in years. Whether you’ve outgrown them (stylistically or physically) or you’ve waited years in vain for a piece to come back in style so your local consignment shop would accept it, the truth is those clothes have been sitting in a box in the back of your closet for longer than the period of time you once thought they were fashionable enough to wear. But those of us who frequent thrift shops know that one person’s fashion crime is another’s trendy treasure.

So instead of packing them back into that box for another season of mothballs and empty promises of donning them once more, give those clothes a second chance with someone who will really appreciate them - donate them to Second Chances via Bow Street Yoga‘s Fall 2011 Clothing Drive.


Miss the drive this week? Don't worry - you can donate any time! Click here to find out how!

Each year, Second Chances provides clothes, shoes, and accessories to over 400 clients of local shelters and human services programs, completely free of charge. Second Chances will accept just about any wearable item, from suits to winter coats to linens to baby clothes (let’s face it, your 15 year-old is not reverting back to infancy, as much as you wish it to be true).

For the rest of this week through Sunday, November 13, Second Chances has partnered with Bow Street Yoga, who will be offering $15 off a ten-class card or $25 off a one month unlimited pass to anyone who donates to the clothing drive before the week is up. Do good for your body AND for your community? Count us in!

Bow Street Yoga is not a first-time do-gooder. This collaboration is an inspiring example of how local business benefits the community at a great level. Second Chances’ Andrea Shapiro first met Theresa Briggs Paraskos, then just about to open Bow Street, at an SLF gethering at Trina’s Starlite Lounge. Shapiro was inspired to become a regular yoga client and Paraskos was inspired with the giving spirit. The two have partnered on four clothing drives at the studio over the past two years, and it has become a tradition that Bow Street’s students look forward to. Talk about a true local community partnership!

To donate, place items (minus hangers) in a plastic garbage bag (which will be recycled, courtesy of the City of Cambridge’s Recycling Program) to the Bow Street Yoga studio. Email Andrea from Second Chances at [email protected] or Theresa from Bow Street Yoga at [email protected] with any questions.

HINT: Keep an inventory of the items you provide, and your donation could qualify as tax-deductible.

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