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Letter from The Weekly Dig: The Aftermath Black Friday vs. Plaid Friday

Dec 08 12:11 pm

The following letter comes from David Day, Arts and Entertainment Editor for The Weekly Dig:

The Weekly Dig Local Holiday Shopping Guide

Dear Reader,

By most accounts, Black Friday was a stunning success. According to the National Retail Federation, 212 million people shopped, up from 195 million last year. The Buy Local movement of “Plaid Friday” was equally successful, with #plaidfriday becoming a top trend on Twitter. And, at a Target in Buffalo, N.Y. a few people were almost trampled to death.

But what does the rush to buy cheap sh*t say about the economy at large?

It could well be that the frenzy caused by incredible discounts are in fact a result of people having less money. We are incredibly broke, so the need to maximize our shopping dollar is more important than ever.

Of course, your friendly Dig staff is encouraging you to maximize your shopping dollar in a different way: by spending it with your neighbor. We have been pounding the “buy local” bush since our inception, in a way, but this year, and every year for the time being, buying local is really, honestly, super important. Are you following through?

If you need help, turn to our annual shopping guide, where the hard-working tandem of Courtney Cox and Taylor Seidler bounced around town getting the scoop from some of our favorite local shops. We have 25 days until the … special … day … or week (or month), so time is of the essence. There’s also a showcase of three stores for those ski bunsters among you.

Here’s a thought: Use our guide to buy something. There’s a lot to choose from, all of it local and relatively inexpensive. Your aunt doesn’t need a new flat-screen to watch Dr. Phil—she needs an airplant.

Tell them the Dig sent you.

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