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iCar : Your safe way to continue your day or night after Harvest Fest 2010

Sep 29 11:21 am

Let’s face it.  Harvest Fest 2010 is gonna be a lot of things, and a place to sample some amazing alcoholic beverages is one of the biggest.  We, of course, encourage you to have a Designated Driver, take the T or walk if you live in the area.  However, we also know that some of you may want to head on out and continue your day of local love elsewhere in the ‘ville.

Enter new New SLF Member and Somerville’s own iCar.

iCar ~ A Proud 100% Women Owned business.

At the end of each session, iCar will be offering free rides for up to 15 guests in two separate shuttles to Davis Square & Union Square/Lechemere.  Here’s the schedule:

Session 1
First Shuttles Depart - 4:50 PM
Second Shuttles Depart - 5:10 PM

Session 2
First Shuttles Depart - 9:50 PM
Second Shuttles Depart - 10:10 PM

We are now taking registrations for a space in the iCar vans.  You must have a purchased ticket to reserve your space in advance.  Should there be huge demand, iCar has agreed to increase the number of shuttles/vans.  (they rock!)

To register for your free iCar shuttle ride, email us at [email protected]

And now, a bit more about this great new local independent Somerville business:

iCar is Boston’s latest car sharing organization. iCar provides the latest state-of-the-art car sharing technology and fuel efficient vehicles to help satisfy the car sharing needs of their members, providing members access to vehicles for a variety of needs - whether they need a car to run a few errands, or a vehicle to move into a new apartment or a passenger van to coordinate a class trip. iCar members don’t have to worry about car payments, parking, gas, maintenance, or insurance again.

iCar ~ Wheels to Go!

iCar was founded in 2010 by two leading automotive entrepreneurs in New England with over 30 years experience in the automotive industry. In reviewing the needs of their communities, the owners realized growing congestion and parking issues and created iCar to help improve the quality of life.

The goal of our company is to provide our members with instant access to our fleet of vehicles for all of their transportation needs, reducing the number of vehicles on the road and our carbon footprint.

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