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Johnny’s Joe

Aug 06 2:38 pm

by Maggie Kaiser and Louis Epstein

Walking along Holland Avenue one day, we noticed something unusual.

Johnny D's coffee grounds

See something, say something?

Since our new approach to Somerville living demands that we pay attention to easily overlooked details of our surroundings, we decided to take a closer look. Someone had taken the time to explain the pile of yogurt containers, so we might as well take the time to read about it!

Johnny D's coffee grounds

That's one handsome sign.

It’s a good thing we took that closer look, because Johnny D’s has managed to combine a few of our favorite things in one fell swoop.

Gardeners alert!

We heart Johnny D's

Nutrient-rich, organic coffee grounds from a local business intended to be recycled as compost by local gardeners? Way to go, Johnny D! We almost hate to share this find with all the other urban farmers in Somerville, but there’s way too much black gold for us to keep to ourselves. Grab some for yourself next time you’re around Johnny D’s - or make more for everyone else by grabbing a coffee there instead!

Check it out:
Johnny D’s
17 Holland Street
Davis Square

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