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Plaid Friday & Shift Your Shopping Live Blogging

Nov 25 10:35 am

We’ll be doing some live updating on the blog today, bringing sights, sounds and thoughts from local businesses and shoppers throughout the day.

10:30 AM - Plaid Friday coast to coast

We’re seeing lots of great stuff going on around the country.

If you haven’t heard what it’s about, check out the Plaid Friday website

Seacoast Local was on New Hampshire Public Radio today, in addition to a lot of other media coverage

Some businesses in New Hampshire are offering discounts for customers wearing plaid

Cambridge Naturals, right across the border, put together a great window display for Plaid Friday

Plaid Friday & Shift Your Shopping retail display FTW!

And if you missed it, here’s the official Somerville Shift Your Shopping Theme Song, composed by our friends Michael J Epstein and Sophia Cacciola

And to the best of our knowledge, no one has been trampled or pepper sprayed at a local business yet

11:30 AM - Gift Guides and Opinions

If you’re reading this, you probably already know why  you should Choose Local & Independent this Holiday Season, but just in case, here’s some opinions on why it’s important

Our ED in this weeks, DigBoston - Community Forum


And the editor at DigBoston, David Day, on the Shift Your Shopping website, talking about why it’s time to exercise our power with our wallets

Last Year’s Plaid Friday Op-Ed in the Globe

…now that you’re REALLY convinced, here’s a couple of gift guides to help you find some great local gift options:

DigBoston Guide to Going Plaid

SLF Gift Guide - Part 1


1:00 PM - Relaxed and Awesome, the Local Shopping Experience and a Some of those Moving Pictures

In a quick tour around the ville, we did not see any trampling, camp sites waiting for entry into stores or pepper spraying.  We did see jovial and good natured folks in some of our local businesses ready to serve their community and their customers.

Here’s Kofi from The Boston Shaker, with a great book option, PTD about a New York City speakeasy and their Sodastream line of home made soda kits.


Lookin good in that Plaid Kofi!

dSquared is known for its beautiful window displays, here’s their current setup.  Nice right!

dSquared rocks the window display

And here’s some video love, this clip from the news in Oakland

…and our Plaid Friday video from last year!

…meanwhile, two for-profit enterprises, both promoting local, are squabbling.

3:00 PM - final update of the day with maybe one more coming tonight

In our final update of the afternoon, here’s a few more ideas on places to Shift Your Shopping

Somerville Grooves in Union now has a sign to proclaim their vinal awesomeness

Some great gift ideas from Grand

Monadnock Buy Local is doing awesome stuff with Plaid in NH

…and how about you?  Feel free to post comments, experiences or photos in the comments below or tweet us / post to facebook










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