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Thursdays Are Awkward At Somerville Theatre

Oct 25 2:07 pm

By Laura Burns



Photo by Conor Doherty: Left to Right- Mark O’Connell, Brian DiBello, Ryan McFarland, Patty Barrett, Casey Hime, Mat Dann

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the basement-level microfilm room next to the Museum of Bad Art, after sunset? Speculate no more. Awkward Compliment hosts an evening of humor and intrigue every Thursday night at 8 pm at the Somerville Theatre.

On a recent visit, I was treated to the comedic stylings of four stand-up comedians, including the host of several well-known Boston showcases and a drop-in from New York, followed by a full improv set by the hosting group. All for a measly $5! In the Theatre’s intimate setting, comics shared stories without the aid of microphones, giving the audience the sense that every insight was “just between us.”

So, how did we all end up in the basement, you may be asking? The cast of Awkward Compliment, a long-form improv troupe, met roughly 3 years ago through classes with Improv Asylum. Determined to establish a weekly show of their own devising, group members went door-to-door asking about venues. The small showing room in the basement of Somerville Theatre seemed like the perfect place to play.

In line with the experimental feel of the space, from week to week the format of the show varies. Along with traditional stand-up, sketch, and improv comedy acts, past performances have included puppet shows and musicians. “Entertainment in general,” says troupe member Brian DiBello, is the main criterion the group looks for when recruiting performers for their weekly showcase.

Davis Square seemed like an ideal area to host a comedy night. “It’s a hip area with a lot of foot traffic, especially during the academic year. Though there were a lot of places to go for music, the comedy scene was lacking,” says fellow Awkward Compliment-er Mark O’Connell. Three years later, this is no longer the case. Comedy nights have since popped up at The Burren and Rosebud Diner.

After each show, the group convenes at Mike’s across the street for beer and pizza. “We’re like a comedy family,” Mat Dann admits. “We’ve known each other a long time, both in and outside the group. We’re all ambitious and eager to work on new projects together.”

Come pay a compliment to Patty Barrett, Mat Dann, Brian DiBello, Ryan Mcfarland, and Mark O’Connell every Thursday at 8 pm. You won’t regret it, though you may feel uncomfortable talking about it afterwards.

Relive the Awesomeness that was Harvest Fest 2011

Oct 18 2:24 pm

SLF’s Harvest Fest fundraiser always starts off with a bang – this year started off with an alarm. If you dropped by early on Saturday for Session I, you were likely greeted with sirens and flashing lights. Luckily, everyone’s panic was quelled with the news that it was, indeed, a false alarm, set off by the Armory Café’s kitchen, and the only injured party was a very burnt batch of cookies.


False alarm, folks!

The fire department arrived just in time to set everything right, and Harvest Fest Session I started right on schedule.

The perk of being there when the doors opened was no lines. However, the downside was that my friend and I, ignoring the fact that we had a full four hours to sample at our leisure, tried to eat and drink everything in sight as fast as could. After getting about two thirds of the way through all the restaurants, we had to take a break. In the words of one wise tweeter, it was time for “HarvestNap2011.”

This year’s event brought together several of the Somerville staples we know and love, but we were also introduced to some new kids on the block. Five Horses Tavern, barely a month old, flaunted its extensive beer list, and the pork belly taco they served, a regular menu item, was a fan favorite. 3LittleFigs, a Mediterranean-style bakery opening on Highland this month, wowed at Session I by a.) being adorable and b.) serving up a mouthwatering Local Squash & Yogurt Baby Bundt Cake. At Session II, Foundry on Elm speakeasy project Saloon finally gave us a little detail behind all the mystery while sampling a chicken liver pate with beet jam. Speaking of beets, Pizzeria Posto had a delicious fall twist on a classic with their beet bruschetta. Mmm, fall in New England, so delicious.


Cannolis from Pizzeria Posto, yum!

Oh, and there was beer. Lots and lots of local suds. With seven breweries, one cidery, and a mustachioed baby (courtesy of Pretty Things), each offering 3-4 options, there were nearly 30 different drafts to try. Newcomer Clown Shoes was a hit, and we hope they’ll be joining us again next year! The room layout interspersed the breweries and the restaurant tables, so everyone got to play amateur food/beer pairer. Attendees got to sample the whole brew rainbow – brewers brought everything ranging from Belgian whites to hardy porters.

The entertainment this year was fantastic. Hugh McGowan rallied his local musician buddies Tom Bianchi, Todd Russell and Ruth Anzalone of The Wild Sea, Jenee Halstead, Mike Hastings, and Kenneth Budka for an awesome collaborative set during Session I. Catch McGowan at The Burren open mic night on Tuesdays. Session II rendered the Armory unrecognizable, as DJ Die Young filled the enormous space with his electro set, accompanied by the light show of Boston Hoop Troop, doing things with hula hoops I didn’t know were possible. Then, of course, the dancing began, as the taps started to kick and all that beer began to set in.


Hugh McGowan, playing his own set to close Harvest Fest 2011

We ensured that Harvest Fest Tweeters will never again be satisfied unless tweeting via giant screen with a room full of people. Check out the tidbits you missed with #HarvestFest2011. And be sure to keep checking our Facebook for your photo booth pics! Here’s a taste:


Look! Thar be some local booty!

All in all, we had a really great turnout this year (Session II door tickets sold out in under 10 minutes!), and we ended up raising over $10,000 to fund our local mission. Thanks so much to everyone who came out to support SLF and thanks to all the hard work and contributions from the restaurants, breweries, entertainment, and volunteers! We’ll see you again next year!

Boston Local Food Festival 2011: A Photo Tour

Oct 07 2:43 pm

If there is a higher power, that power clearly digs local. After several days of rain, Saturday was forecasted to be no different. It was supposed to shower, and it did…after the Boston Local Food Festival. In fact, the sad, gray morning had turned into brilliant sunshine by the early afternoon. So, take that, giant corporations! We’ve got weather on our side!

On this happy note, armed with a bundle of Local’s Guides, a camera (and my very amateur photography skills), and an empty stomach, I marched on in to the expanse that is the Boston Local Food Festival, unsure of where to start.


I was greeted by chickens.


My badass local ink

Expecting to begin my day with a smorgasbord of local, at the first booth I instead found myself face-to-face with a biiig red mama hen, and to my delight, baby chickens! Well, by the looks of them, probably toddler chickens, but the point is, The Trustees of Reservations booth had garnered my interest. “Why chickens?” I asked while receiving a sweet temporary tattoo. The Trustees rep chuckled and told me that the chickens were sort of their mascot for the day. I learned that The Trustees is a non-profit Massachusetts conservationist organization with an activist twist, active in issues such as sustainability, CSAs, and environmental education, and one of their regional offices is located right in my hometown at Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary. Their motto, Find your place, set the tone for my day at the festival.

As I made my way through the tables, I continued to fill my mind before filling my stomach.


I tested my veggie IQ with Mass Farmers Markets.



I learned about sustainable food systems with youth volunteers of The Food Project.


I picked up some urban farming tips from Green City Growers. (Shoutout to SLF board member Jessie Banhazl!)

And then, it was on to the local farmers, hawking their fresh produce and organic meats and dairy.


Mobile produce fresh from the Enterprise Farm bus…possibly coming to a Somerville location near you soon!


Juicy raspberries and sweet peppers, oh my!


Mmm, pumpkin and squash may be my favorite part of fall in New England…

Then, it was on to the local eateries. Of course, I made sure to stop by and say hi to some of our Somerville and SLF favorites!


I got to sample a Chocolate Ginger Bomb from 3 Little Figs, opening this month on Highland Ave!


Get BBQ on the go with the Redbones food truck!


Pizza from Flatbread Co. in Davis


The delicious eggplant and arugula sandwich from Sherman Cafe that my friend had for lunch

I indulged myself in a little dessert, courtesy of Taza Chocolate. I got to speak with Kate Hollis, a Taza marketing assistant, about Taza’s role in the local movement.

The festival wouldn’t be a true local food festival without demonstrations galore, including one by SLF member and blogger Miss JJ Gonson of Cuisine en Locale!


Global Local Vegetable Cooking Demo with Nadine Nelson of Epicurean Salon


“Brokedown Chicken Demo” presented by Michael Ehlenfeldt of Stone Hearth Pizza Co.

I crossed Seaport Blvd. to chat up participants in the Seafood Showdown. John Sullivan of the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance introduced me to the monkfish, a tragically ugly, mysteriously delicious fish.

Out of everything that day, I was most struck by how BIG the festival was. I was amazed to find that the layout extended the entire length of the boardwalk from Congress to Seaport, and then some. We Locavotees may be the scrappy underdogs, but if the recent Occupy and Take Back Boston protests have proven anything, when we band together, we are a force to reckon with. Together, WE are the majority. Plus, we clearly have more fun doing it. I have certainly found my place within the local movement, and I hope to continue to help others find that local absolutely still has a place in the community in this day and age.

Somerville Live Music: The Return of The New England Pop Music Festival

Sep 12 9:54 am

By Sam Coren

Catch A Pony For My Birthday at The New England Pop Music Festival

Summer’s unofficial close came last week after the grills went out on Labor Day BBQs and Davis Square started booming once again with the college crowd. But if you dread making the trek to Allston for your live tunes because of a now unusable Green Line and 66 bus, don’t fret. There’s plenty of good shows to check out right here in the ‘ville. Here’s what’s shaking:

September 15-17 th:  New England Pop Music festival (Rosebud)

After the Abbey Lounge shut its doors in 2008, the New England Pop Music Festival went on a break. This 3-night festival showcasing a variety of local music from folksy singer-songwriters to head-shaking power pop rockers will have its much anticipated return at Rosebud in Davis Square. The action is happening this week from September 15-17th. So what should you expect from this new edition of the fest? 18 bands (many right from the neighborhood!) for $10 a night. Bands start playing at 7 PM, so come out early! Here are some notable acts playing this year:

Somerville’s Butterknife will be bringing their unique brand of alternative power pop to the ‘bud. According to local music blog Boston Band Crush, “We’d wager that there aren’t many bands that have as much fun playing live as these gentlemen and that joy is infectious. If you ska kiddies couldn’t get enough silly dancing in with The English Beat last week at Johnny D’s then don’t miss Allston’s The Pomps. Even those of you who say ska is “so over” can’t resist this Allston band’s fierce energy. If you’ve got a soft spot for cutesy boy/girl vocal harmonies and Wurlitzers you should make it a point to see A Pony For My Birthday. With a name like that who can stop themselves from feeling all warm and fuzzy.

September 15th:  Rajko Orchestra (Johnny D’s)

Raise your hand if you’ve heard world-class  Hungarian Gypsy music performed live? Bueller…..Buelller…..? Alright, well there’s a first time for everything. For those of you who need to fill that void, go see Rajko, an eight member orchestra with traditional instruments producing the “Authentic Gypsy music” sound of the 19th and 20th Centuries.


September 17: A Bit Much with TonyBear (PA’s Lounge)

Broken hearted? Good thing A Bit Much and TonyBear are playing PA’s lounge together. Their catchy brand of feel good powerpop will pick you right up as they duke out a battle between old vs. young.

September 20th: Electric Heaters, The Big Wipeout, Tsunami of Sound (Surf Rock) (Johnny D’s)

Fun fact:  Dick Dale, the prolific surf guitarist of the 1960’s was actually from Quincy, Mass. and never learned how to surf. Keep the Massachusetts surf rock pride going and boogie down to Johnny D’s for a weeknight of surf rock fun from 3 Mass-based acts.

September 20th: Something Sneaky with War Presidents (Precinct)

Newcomers Something Sneaky will be bringing Pixies-influenced riffs up from the South Shore. War Presidents will remind you of the time Ben Folds was playing in The Ben Folds Five. If the afterglow of New England Powerpop Fest wears off, head on over to Precinct and catch these local alt-rockers smooth out that chip on your shoulder.


Somerville Live Music: The English Beat, Dub Apocalypse, & Sea Monsters

Aug 30 10:56 am

Reports Photo: Hank Hauptmann

Can you hear the sound of a hundred U-Hauls putting around the neighborhood? It’s back to school time in the ‘ville and prime moving time for the immediate Boston-metro area. But once you’re done lugging all your personal belongings up many flights of stairs, why not take a well deserved music break?

Here are a few fantastic live music acts you can catch around town in the next couple of weeks:

September 3rd: Jeffery Broussard & The Creole Cowboys [7pm] (Johnny D’s)

Sorry Weird Al fans, but only the funky, soulful bayou sounds of tried and true Creole Zydeco can make the accordion a “cool” instrument. Give your earbuds the treat of authentic Louisiana Zydeco with one of the best, Jeffery Broussard & The Creole Cowboys.

September 3rd: Fat History Month / Reports (PA’s Lounge)

Nothing says back to school like a good old fashioned sweaty, fuzzed out garage rock show. The solution? Checking out local rockers Fat History Month. They’ll be headlining PA’s with support from Cambridge up and comers Reports.

September 4th: Sea Monsters (Precinct)

Long time local favorite rock and soul music collective Sea Monsters (you may remember them from last year’s SLF Harvest Fest) were long staples of Precinct last year until they got busy with other music projects. They’ll return this Sunday night for what’s sure to be an epic homecoming performance.

September 4th: Dub Apocalypse (Bull McCabe’s)

Just when you couldn’t think of the last time you went to see a reggae super group Dub Apocalypse drops down on the ‘ville for a Sunday residency at Bull McCabe’s. Don’t miss killer live dub reggae featuring member’s of Nate Wilson Group, Morphine, Dopapod, G-Love & Special Sauce, John Brown’s Body, & The B3 Kings.

September 7th: The English Beat (Johnny D’s)

Dust off your favorite checkered clothing because one of the best ska bands that ever existed is coming to the neighborhood! You’ll no doubt be skanking those arms at perfect 90 degree angles when The English Beat play their classic jams such as “Mirror in the Bathroom”, “Can’t Get Used to Losing You”, and (fingers crossed) my personal favorite, “Save it for Later.”

September 10th: Nate Rogers & Boston Band Crush Present: Mixtape 1978 with The Blizzard of 78 and Thick as Thieves (Rosebud)

Following their tributes to 1993, 1967, 1984, and 1997, Boston Band Crush invites The Blizzard of 78 and Thick as Thieves to pay homage to the music of 1978. Featuring tunes from The Rolling Stones, Foreigner, Toto, Buzzcocks, Blondie, Talking Heads, The Clash, Van Halen, Cheap Trick, Billy Joel, The Cars, The Police, Styx, Elvis Costello, Journey, The Bee Gees, and many many more. Check out the Facebook event for more details.


Somerville Grooves: Long Live Vinyl!

Aug 24 9:33 am

By Danielle Kennedy



Somerville Grooves storefront, pre-grand opening

The new millennium has ushered in the age of digital technology, and these days the news is full of stories of bookstore closings and struggling media publications turning away from print in favor of web content. So who would have thought, in an era when iTunes reigns king, sales of long-outdated vinyl would be steadily increasing?

Think these records are restricted to used copies of pre-‘80s tunes? Well, think again, because even modern-day artists are producing new vinyl recordings. These days, records exist for all sorts of music lovers, and it is with this mindset that new entrepreneur David Plunkett has opened Somerville Grooves, where you can leave pretension at the door. The soon-to-be SLF member business, now in its second week of full-time hours, has been drawing curious crowds interested in the store’s collection, which ranges from classic rock to jazz to hip-hop to post-punk to the just plain strange (a workout narrated by the Governator set to ’80s one-hit wonders is just the motivator you need to get in shape). Aside from the ample and growing collection of new and used vinyl, Somerville Grooves carries a small selection of other goodies, including books and apparel.

Somerville Grooves promises to be one of those stores that brings the community together. When you think about it, a new record store goes perfectly with some of the best things about local. It brings people back into the shopping experience in a time of faceless online purchases. Not only that, but you know that every record on sale in the store has made it there only after passing through David Plunkett’s discerning hands, an assurance of the quality of the product (Plunkett only puts records in worthy condition on his shelves) and the devotion and expertise of the owner. Not to mention, the simple setup of the store is just begging to play host to a multitude of sweet future local music events – cross your fingers, everybody! Indeed, the launch of the new soon-to-be hotspot has already coincided nicely with Chris Daltry’s 4th (!) annual Somerville Rock & Roll Yard Sale, a wonderful event celebrating our city’s varied artistic and DIY side with a healthy dose of vintage and vinyl.

Somerville Rock & Roll Yard Sale – August 2011 from Nitya Rao on Vimeo via Your Town

Plunkett, who spent the early ‘90s working at In Your Ear Records before moving on to a career writing for a publishing company, is thrilled to return to his music-lovin’ roots, and Somerville seems to be just as pleased. According to Plunkett, a number of customers have come in to say “thank you” for opening a real record store. Call it sentimentality, but there may be something more to favoring vinyl than simply a better quality sound. Vinyl, especially with all the extras it can come with (liner notes, posters), has an appeal of collectability; people like to talk about music from a standpoint of ownership (“Can we listen to my music now?”). Music is meant to be an experience, one both social and aesthetic, which is hard to attain with the anonymity and over-inundation found in the digitalized world – much as a true “experience” is much more likely to come from a local independent business as opposed to a national chain or big box store, for similar reasons.

In any case, Somerville Grooves, in dealing mainly in used commodities, inherently will be a space for sharing and bonding over music, one of the great socializers. So stop on by to say hi to David, and let him know you appreciate him keeping the unity, passion and quirk alive and well in Somerville!

Somerville Grooves: open Tues-Sat 11am-7pm & Sun 12-6pm, 26 Union Sq.

– To inquire about selling your records in good condition, call 617-666-1749 or email

Somerville Live Music: One Man Bluegrass Band, Original Reggae & Live Synthpop

Aug 15 4:20 pm

By Sam Coren

DangerSounds' Sam and Dave

Union Square is getting transformed into music nerd heaven soon with the annual Somerville Rock and Roll Yard Sale happening August 21st and the opening of a new record store. Stay tuned for more Somerville Local First coverage on the much anticipated official opening of Somerville Grooves from Danielle Kennedy. Until then be sure to get out of the house and enjoy some of these great upcoming live shows during the next couple weeks at your trusty neighborhood independent music venues!

August 17th: Albino Mbie Project  (Johnny D’s)

Looking for a night of brilliant samba guitar work? Don’t miss NYC’s Albino Mbie Project throwing down soulful, latin-infused licks at Johnny D’s this Wednesday. Receita de Damba, a local Boston duo will be warming up the crowd.

August 19th: Pressure Cooker (Johnny D’s)

For over 14 Years Boston’s Pressure Cooker has been cranking out stellar reggae and rock steady originals. Their top notch musicianship and tight live sound are no doubt going to bring good times for those of you who want to start the weekend on the right foot.

August 20th: DangerSounds (Precinct)

I’m Burnin’ Up by DangerSounds
Need an excuse to just dance yourself into exhaustion on a Saturday night? Hop on down to Precinct Saturday for one of Boston’s most promising electronic duos, DangerSounds.  DangerSound’s Sam and Dave pump out funky electro jams for fans of Anoraak and Chromeo.

August 23rd:  Eric Royer (Johnny D’s)

Eric Royer’s claim to fame as a one man bluegrass band has served him well. In 2003 his interview on NPR’s All Things Considered brought his ingenuity and talent into the national spotlight. His crazy guitar/banjo/puppet contraption that he so masterfully plays is sure to bring the Johnny D’s crowd a big bluegrass bowlful of delight.

August 24th: Deli Magazines Summer Concert Series presents  The New Highway Hymnal (PA’s Lounge)

Indie music mag The Deli is sponsoring a night of New England rock at PA’s. Headlining will be the very trippy sound of Haverill surf rockers The New Highway Hymnal. Also on the bill and worth catching are,  Satellites Fall, an alternative power pop fans of The Smiths and Arcade Fire.

August 27th: Dirt Mall (Rosebud)

Rosebud is one of Davis Square’s best kept secrets for spotting early local talent. Dying for a dose of no-nonsense rock and roll in the same vein as The Hellacopters and The Cult? Check out Waltham’s Dirt Mall for pure unadulterated fun.

Know the inside scoop on good shows happening in the ‘ville? Tweet me at @samcoren for consideration in the next SLF Live Music post!

Somerville Live Music: Deep Heaven Now 4 Psych Rock Festival in Union Square

Aug 01 11:16 am

By Sam Coren

One of the best parts about living in Somerville is being in close proximity to some of the Boston area’s best live independent music venues. Who doesn’t love seeing up and coming talent for reasonably priced tickets in your own neighborhood? To give you a taste of what Somerville’s music scene has to offer I’ll be running a biweekly update with some of the most interesting music events playing in town:

August 3rd: Tribute to Blues Greats Robert Johnson & Mississippi John Hurt (Bloc 11 Cafe)
Aside making a well made cup of coffee, Bloc 11 in Union Square also serves as a good spot for blues, jazz, and singer-songwriter acts. Most of these music events are free, but you should definitely give the tip jar some love if you hear something you like. This Wednesday you can get over your hump day blues with musicians Craig Robertson and Zack Niman as they pay homage to Delta Blues legends Robert Johnson & Mississippi John Hurt. Show starts at 7pm.

August 4th: Mikael Mutti with Percussivo Mundo Novo  (Johnny D’s Uptown)

A world-class music prodigy makes a tour stop at our own Johnny D’s. Mikael Mutti’s fuses traditional Brazillian afrobeat rhythms with a dash of latin jazz and swirling synthesizers. Even cooler? Mutti’s featured all over the soundtrack for the 3D animated film Rio (2011) and he’s been known to make his own instruments out of various video game controllers.


August 5th & 6th:  Deep Heaven Now 4 – Union Square (PA’s Lounge and Precinct)
Endless Wave
Dig trippy guitar solos and crazy video light shows? Hop down to Union Square for the Deep Heaven Now 4 Psych Rock fest on Friday August 5th and Saturday August 6th. 26 bands will be playing Precinct and PA’s Lounge. For the low price of $10 a day you get access to both venues and the set times are staggered between the two so you don’t have to miss a band. Some notable acts that are not to be missed include local shoegazers Endless Wave and the far out experimental folk of Portland’s Herbcraft. For more info visit the Deep Heaven Now 4 Facebook event page and don’t forget to check out the compilation featuring all the bands playing in the streaming player below:


August 11th: Kobie (Johnny D’s Uptown)

It takes a lot of chutzpah to be a singer in a Prince cover band. However, if there’s anyone who could pull that role off gracefully it would be the Boston by-way-of DC singer-songwriter Kobie. When he’s not performing in Lovesexy, a tribute to The Artist, he’s bringing his original brand of sweet, funky soul to venues all over New England.

August 12th: Dave Sammarco Band (Sally O’Brien’s)

Got a hankering for some country fried rock? For those of you who doubt Somerville’s ability to deliver the sounds of the south, pay Sally O’Brien’s a Friday visit and catch Arlington’s Dave Sammarco Band in action. Nothing gets the weekend going like a nice glass of whiskey and shuffling your feet to some twang.

6 Reasons You Should Clear Your Weekend for ArtBeat

Jul 14 4:01 pm


ArtBeat 2011: Red

ArtBeat 2011: Red – This one’s gonna be a scorcher!

It’s that time of year again on the Somerville Arts Council calendar: ArtBeat! This annual festival held in Davis Square celebrates the innovative and inspired minds in just about every creative capacity of the dynamic Somerville arts scene. This year, SAC isn’t trying to (art!)beat that mid-July heat of the northeast, but is instead embracing it, with this year’s theme: RED. Alas, due to scheduling conflicts, SLF won’t be attending this year, but here are six reasons why you should:

  • Support local artists by buying a one-of-a-kind piece from one (or several!) of the 100+ craft vendors: Impress your Chihuly-crazed friends with a piece by a local glass artist
  • It’s fun for the whole family! Forgive us for the cliché, but it’s true – there are tons of kid-friendly events from storytelling to a puppet show
  • Catch up and coming folk/indie rock quartet Mean Creek: Recently deemed “Best Act in Boston” in the Boston Phoenix, these guys are going places, so see them while you can – for free!
  • Experience the diverse range of performance pieces and exhibits that the festival has to offer – there’s something for everyone!
  • Everyone loves a parade, so be sure to watch the Red Menace parade throughout the festival. Grab a red flag and join in if you like!
  • Engage in one of the many crafty interactive activities offered by local organizations. Even become a part of the festival by designing a scale for the traffic island Dragon Sculpture!

Bonus Reason: Food! C’mon, did you really need any other reason?

So, y’all best be there this weekend! Check out the website or Facebook page for more info, and make sure you tell us all about your ArtBeat shenanigans in the comments section below!

Why come to SomerFun on June 11th? Why WOULDN’T you?

May 26 11:00 am

By SLF Community Board Member E. John Feig

Come join Somerville Local First, the ArtsUnion and us at the second annual street fair and festival, SomerFun: A Romp for Independents, in Union Squre, Somerville on June 11th 3-7pm for some open-air activities.

Something fun for Everyone!

Something fun for Everyone!

The theme of the event is local independents and we are pleased to welcome a new sponsor this year, Polar Beverages. Polar is locally owned and operated in Worcester, MA and has been for over 125 years.  That’s our kind of sponsor!

This year we are welcoming the participation of Somerville Dog owners and pet enthusiasts, with SomDog, Riverdog and Canis Major Herbals all confirmed participants. SomerFun will feature live music, the SomerMutt Showcase (Sign up YOUR dog here) and a Guess-the-Breed contest. This event is a showcase of local mutts who will strut their stuff across the main stage, prizes will be awarded to the cutest dogs, the weirdest breed combination, and the dog/owner couple that looks the most alike. Attendees will be able to enter a competition as a spectator to “guess the breed”. The most right answers will win a prize from SLF.

SLF has also lined up an eclectic mix of local musicians to entertain us at the event. Expected to perform are Abby Barrett a folk band, Riki Rocksteady a local reggae singer/songwriter, Tall Enough a rock band and a jazz band or two.

Along with the main activities, there will be lots of family activities at SomerFun this year. There will be face painting, a dunk tank and other activities that kids will enjoy. For the dunk tank, we are working hard to put some people in it that you will want to dunk. There will be a canning workshop by Green City Growers, food justice games with Groundwork Somerville and a martial arts session with Shobu Aikido.

We hope to see you and your family at SomerFun in Union Square on June 11th at 3pm.

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