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FREE Blogging for Business Workshop, May 19 at 7pm

May 08 12:34 pm

Join us on May 19 for the second of our business workshops-  Blogging for Business with Dennis Fischman of Communicate! Consulting.
Whether you’re new to blogging or need some help with an existing blog, this is the workshop for you! Dennis can help you learn what you need to know to get started blogging or increase the reach of your current blog to tell more people about your business.
Please RSVP here, and fill out the questionnaire so we can guide the workshop content to best suit your needs.

Free for SLF members, $10 for non-members.

More about Dennis Fischman:

I’m an outstanding writer, speaker, and community builder who understands how to motivate people.  Passionate about social change, I left a senior management position so I could help nonprofit organizations tell their stories in person, in writing, and through social media.

Please see my LinkedIn profile at  Follow me on Twitter (@DennisFischman).  Email me at
Hope to see you there!

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Thank you for another wonderful LIFL market!

May 08 11:11 am

SuperKat Thank you for an amazing first Mother’s Day Market and first market at Brooklyn Boulders! We loved hosting our event there and know that you made it the truly beautiful event that it was.


Please take our brief customer survey to help us plan for future markets.


This survey is important, as we were at a new venue.


Thank you again for supporting the local economy, staying independent, and helping to support our non-profit organization!




Jen and Kat

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Less than three weeks until the next Local is for Lovers Market!

Apr 08 11:42 am

This post » is chock full o’market info and as we get closer we will be featuring some of our vendors.

Here’s the info for our next market, when we celebrate Mother’s Day. Which is, by the way, a great time to honor your local mom and pop stores.

Oh, and did we mention this market will have… FOOD TRUCKS! Bon Me!

Another FREE market will take place at the beautiful Brooklyn Boulders Somerville!

Get ready for food, fun, local artists and crafters, the Bon Me Food Truck, live music by David Tanklefsky and PA Trick, a photo booth, Mothers’ Day special treats from BKBS and MUCH more!

All shoppers must fill out a waiver form for Brooklyn Boulders. Save time and fill it out online!

Mother’s Day Market Vendors!

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Somerville Local First Community Sponsorship – Chip In And Support SLF!

Jul 22 6:26 pm

Over the past 5+ years, Somerville Local First has been leading the way in Somerville and beyond, working to build a strong local economy, to strengthen the local and independent businesses  and to build the movement of community builders who understand the benefits of local community economic development and believe in what we stand for at SLF.

Those are some ambitious goals!  And we think we’ve been able to accomplish a lot over that time, thanks in large part to all of you in the community who have supported us, our members and our mission.

Relationships are built at Harvest Fest

Relationships are built at Harvest Fest

This year, we’re hoping to generate some further support from our community.  If you don’t know, SLF operates with only 1 part time Executive Director and a group of volunteer Board Members, and Harvest Fest is one of the primary ways we raise money to fund our work and programs throughout the year.

So this year, we’re looking for Community Sponsorship at Harvest Fest.  All we ask is that you chip in $5 (or more, we’re happy to accept larger gifts! :) ) towards our $2,500 goal.  In return, you’ll receive a limited edition Harvest Fest poster with the names of all community sponsors, including yours!

So, won’t you help the Somerville Community  become a sponsor for our annual fundraiser and festival by donating now?

We love you, and remember:  Harvest Fest creates things like this!

SO much fun

SO much fun


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Prom ticket special offer!

Jun 12 12:00 am

PSST! Hey you, special newsletter subscriber! Is that the sound of your Aqua Net? Or a wonderful special offer???We have a limited time exclusive offer for you as a special thanks for being a part of our community!

We have a limited number of tickets available at a 20 dollar subscriber price, so when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Your ticket gets you specialty cocktails by Daddy Jones and Booze Epoque, snacks by Daddy Jones, Eat at Jumbos, Food for the Band and more- all included in one LOW PRICE!

Get your special $20 ticket here! 

Welcome Elyse Andrews to SLF!

May 15 10:20 am

Recently SLF had the good fortune to welcome three amazing new board members. This post is the first in a series of introductory bios for our new folks! You may have already met Elyse and the others around town, but here’s some more about Elyse’s local life! 

Meet Elyse Andrews!

One of SLF’s newest board members, Elyse joins the team as a Somerville homeowner and small business owner herself.

Elyse earned a degree in journalism and political science from Syracuse University. She then worked as a writer and editor at a financial publishing company for several years. Most recently, Elyse founded the Somerville Beat, an online magazine about all things Somerville, in May 2012. From a local perspective, the Beat covers arts and culture, food and restaurants, businesses and more in order to keep tabs on the happenings in Somerville.

Guided by a mission at the Somerville Beat that aligns well with that of Somerville Local First, Elyse thought it would be natural for the two collaborate more.

“As a Somerville homeowner and small business owner, I’m very excited to help further SLF’s work to promote Somerville businesses,” she said. “The people who live, work and play here are what make the community so vibrant and I’m excited to be an even bigger part of it.”

Eager to get started, Elyse knows the importance of buying local. Both she and her husband own small, local businesses. More than that, though, Elyse enjoys taking note of the hard work that local business owners put in and the resulting growth of the local community over time.

“We always think about shopping locally before buying things from a big box store, whether it’s by shopping at the farmers market or visiting a locally owned café,” Elyse said.

To help promote local development, Elyse hopes to use her communication skills to spread the message to a larger audience, attending SLF events and working with Cambridge Local First as well to strengthen the efforts.

“By supporting local businesses, you are enabling them to stay in your community, making it a richer place to live,” she said.

The Local Lowdown: Whats-Nü

Apr 23 9:46 am

Whats-Nü, a recent addition to Davis Square, is a boutique that features independent designers, artists and artisans (the “Crü”). Established just about six months ago by owner Lena Gorczyca, the store showcases the talent of local artists from Somerville, Cambridge and Arlington, among other areas, much to the surprise of many customers. Though local designers’ work make up about a quarter of the store’s merchandise, Whats-Nü strives to offer items made in the U.S., as well as those made from organic and natural materials.

Lena has been designing clothes for her entire life. She earned a degree in computer science, and this technical background has given her the precision for design. She used to have a hard time finding what she wanted to wear and couldn’t find her particular vision anywhere else, so ultimately decided to just fashion her own clothes.

Lena had been working at and designing her own line for the store that used to be at 67 Holland Street, but once the owner had decided to step down, she saw an opportunity to open her own store. Lena wanted to take the store to the next level, to encourage local talent to participate and maintain strong relationships with customers. Not only is Whats-Nü customer-driven, but the store also works with other local businesses and organizations. The goal, Lena said, is not to be a single entity, but a network of local businesses with similar goals, values, and atmospheres to create a community. Whats-Nü has in the past exhibited art at the store and held events with other local organizations to connect with the community.

Since opening, a lot of progress has been made, but Lena hopes that in time, they will showcase more local artists. But not just for the sake of having local designers, she said. The merchandise will always be tailored to the wants and needs of customers. The first step, according to Lena, is to soon be 100 percent “made in the U.S.,” at the very least. She hopes the community will keep up the support to continue working to feature local artists.

Check out Whats-Nü at 67 Holland Street in Davis Square and on Facebook, Twitter and at


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All About Local Is For Lovers, 2.1

Apr 10 12:46 pm

Sunday, April 14, 2013 | 11am – 5pm
Arts at the Armory

Join us for a full Sunday of fun, gifting, and music! With 35 independent and local vendors, music by David Tanklefsky and Jeff Jam, an ENTIRE floor of children’s activities sponsored by Knucklebones, craft brews, and delicious treats from the Arts at the Armory Cafe, you can’t go wrong!

Come along and meet new people, all while helping us to build a strong, local economy.

Vendor List
Heflin Photo (Photobooth!)
Carland Cartography
Culinary Cruiser
Cuisine en Locale
Spindler’s Confections
Doves and Figs
Tara Faeri
I am Joolien
Union Press
Love on the Blocks
McBeth Designs
Black Magic Coffee Co.
Q’s Nuts
Feathers & Fur
Sete Productions
Kharma Collection
Picture Renewal
Scatterbrain Crochet
Next Step Living
Pimmz Art Studio
Will Alderfer Metalarts
Sommer Crafts
closer to the ocean
Porcelain and Stone
Pink Pigeon Creations

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Delicious Diversity at YUM!

Apr 09 9:24 am


Just leave your email address in the comments section.

SLF Board Member Sarah Shugars is this week’s guest blogger!

The thing I love most about Somerville is its diversity. And what better way to celebrate diversity than by eating lots of food?

Seriously, though. We all know the important role local businesses play in our community – supporting the economy, minimizing impact on the environment and expressing Somerville’s fun, funky personality.

Immigrant-owned businesses, and particularly restaurants, play a similar critical role. They are centers of community – gathering places where immigrants can get a taste of home and others can get a taste of something different. They express who we are as a city and the rich, diverse character we all love.

And we all love to eat…yummm.

For the fourth year, SLF member The Welcome Project is hosting a unique opportunity to try tastes from immigrant-owned restaurants across the city. YUM: A Taste of Immigrant City will be held Thursday, April 25 at 7:00 pm at the Center for Arts at the Armory (also an SLF member!). If you’re feeling inspired already, you can get your tickets online now!

The event will feature tastes from 11 restaurants, live entertainment, a silent auction and recognition of the work that the East Somerville Community School PTA has done to ensure all parents are able to participate in their child’s education.

And yes, there will be a giant puppet of Haitian revolutionary Toussaint Louverture. Why? Because it’s not really a Somerville event until someone breaks out a giant puppet.

No, actually because the larger than life Louverture has been engaging local Haitian youth in learning about their country’s history through a partnership with The Underground Railway Theater, The Welcome Project, the Haitian Coalition and Books of Hope.

Speaking of which, all proceeds from the event will benefit The Welcome Project, a great non-profit which offers ESOL classes, supports multilingual and multicultural parental engagement in the school system and trains bi-lingual Somerville youth as interpreters. You may have seen some of these impressive young people interpreting at city events.

But…back to the food.

Participating restaurants are:

Aguacate Verde: Mexican | Porter Square
Amelia’s Kitchen: Italian | Teele Square
Fasika: Ethiopian | East Somerville
Gauchao: Brazilian | East Somerville
Masala: Indian and Nepali | Teele Square
Istanbul’lu: Turkish | Teele Square
Los Paisanos: Central American | East Somerville
Maya Sol: Mexican | East Somerville
The Neighborhood Restaurant: Portuguese | Union Square
Sabur: Mediterranean | Teele Square
Yak and Yeti: Nepali and Indian | Ball Square

Oh, and if you’re wondering, all of these restaurants are part of the City’s Shape Up Approved campaign, so you may not even have to hit up any of Somerville’s great local gyms afterwards.

See you there!

YUM: A Taste of Immigrant City
Thursday, April 25 at 7:00 pm
Center for Arts at the Armory
Get tickets online now

In addition to working tirelessly to promote SLF, Sarah is also active with YUM: A Taste of Immigrant City and the Welcome Project.

And remember…. comment on this post for the chance to win 2 free tickets to the event!

Welcome our new interns to SLF!

Mar 19 10:28 am

This semester we here at Somerville Local First have been thrilled to welcome our new crop of interns. Eliza Deissler and Hannah Fingerhut are both undergrads at local Tufts University, and their first assignment was to interview each other so you all could meet them. 

Meet Eliza:
One of Somerville Local First’s new interns, Eliza Deissler is a junior at Tufts University. Born
in Boston, Eliza moved to London with her mother, who works with nonprofits in the classical
music industry, at the age of 15. Since then, Eliza has spent Tufts breaks at homes in California
and now Naples, Florida. A member of the Tufts Art History Society and a volunteer for Food
Rescue, Eliza is an international relations major specializing in Europe and the former Soviet
Union. Eliza’s favorite movie is “Good Will Hunting,” an easy choice, and enjoys watching
“Modern Family.” She likes to cook, which she does admittedly pretty well, and pointed out she
loves chocolate (and for good reason, since dark chocolate has been proven to be healthy). Her
favorite meal of the day is breakfast, of course, and enjoys her own mix of greek yogurt, cereal
and fresh fruit. Eliza has no trouble confessing her love for Dave’s Fresh Pasta in Somerville,
as well as the honey peanut butter and best rocky road ice creams at Tascanini’s in Cambridge.
Last summer, Eliza worked as a development intern at a museum in Naples and really enjoys
interacting with people, so she is very excited to get started at SLF! We are thrilled to welcome
her to the team!

1. If you could have any superhero power, what would it be? : Transportation
2. I can’t live without … Such a hard question! My glasses, probably, I’m blind without them.
Also my keys.
3. Favorite color in the Crayola box? Tickle Me Pink

Meet Hannah:
Hannah Fingerhut’s one of our new interns, and we couldn’t be more excited to have her! A
sophomore at Tufts University, she’s planning to major in both quantitative economics and
sociology (phew) and she works on the Tufts Daily, plays club volleyball and volunteers with
CORES, teaching a class on citizenship to immigrants in Somerville. Although it’s almost
impossible for Hannah to pick favorites, if she had to choose, she would say baked goods are
her favorite foods, “To Kill a Mockingbird” is her favorite book and absolutely “Remember
the Titans” is her favorite film. Hannah likes to run outside and hike. She has a little Yorkshire
terrier named Snickers at home in New Jersey, along with a brother and sister. Breakfast is
undoubtedly her most important meal of the day, and Hannah loves treating herself to breakfast
in Davis and Ball Square. Hannah’s real passion is writing. She is especially involved at the
Tufts Daily, where she’s rose among the ranks as Executive Features Editor last semester and
was responsible for the newspaper’s coverage of the 2012 elections. Practically pulling an all-
nighter after the election and writing the front-page article for the next day’s issue is one of her
best memories so far at Tufts.

1. If you could have any superhero power, what would it be? To fly!
2. I can’t live without … simple – a pen and paper
3. Favorite color in the Crayola box? Macaroni and Cheese


Look for them at our SLF events this coming year. Welcome, Hannah and Eliza!

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