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Shift Your Shopping This Holiday: A Somerville Local First Member’s Perspective

Nov 24 11:16 am

Grand Home Goods and Apparel

Today’s post comes from Somerville Local First member Jon O’Toole, owner of Grand in Union Square. While you might be swayed by the deep discounts of big box Black Friday promotions, Jon weighs in on the importance of thinking local for your holiday shopping list. In support of the Plaid Friday movement, take a moment to read Jon’s thoughts on the matter:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Or at least that’s what Andy William says. Right?

Well this year, as a small business owner, all I can say is that depends. See 2010 has been a hell (sorry Santa) year to own a small business. From restaurants to retail and lawyers to landscapers this recession has really made it’s mark on each of us.

But, we can change that and make that old Andy Williams song ring really true with one simple act. Shift Your Shopping and shop locally and independently this holiday season. It’s literally easy as that.

Why you ask? Well mostly because shopping locally keeps money within OUR community. To illustrate this powerful fact look towards one of the many, many studies backing this up check out Somerville Local First’s Economic Studies on the Buy Local and 10 Percent Shift Movements. As you can see when you spend your money locally at a small/independent business your spend really makes a difference. Plus, it just feels right.

Study schmudie you say? Here’s a simpler more immediate reason for those of us in the Somerville business community. We need it. Small/independent businesses need the local community like no time in the past. Your dollars matter more than you can imagine this year. Each of you reading this can sincerely make a powerful statement with your wallet. Believe it!

I leave you with one simple request:

Just think about shopping locally this year. I’m not talking you have to do all your shopping at a small business, but maybe think about taking the 10% Shift and Shift Your Shopping just a tiny bit. It’s these baby steps that day after day, month after month, and year after year that will make Somerville even more great than it is today.

Jon O’Toole owner of Grand

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