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Getting Tickets at the Door for Harvest Fest? Read this…

Oct 04 2:33 pm

Pre-sale tickets to Harvest Fest 2010 are just about gone and, we’re getting really excited to produce one of the best events of the year for our guests.  THERE WILL BE TICKETS AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR, so we wanted to let you know how things will work if you plan on getting tickets the day of the event.

Consider this our disclaimer for those who won’t make it into the event.  To avoid that disappointment, buy your pre-sale tickets here.

We have a plan for walk up ticket sales at Harvest Fest it is.

Harvest Fest door tickets will be available on a first come, first served basis.  While last years event saw a lot of turnover (people leaving after an hour or two), we’re not sure that’ll happen this year.

If you buy presale tickets you are guaranteed a taste at each participating restaurant.  We are printing 400 postcards for each session that will get our guests and our staff 1 bite/small serving each at the participating restaurants.  This is our way of communicating exactly how much food each restaurant should bring.  After each card has been distributed, they are gone.  We will offer reduced admission of $15 for anyone that wishes to enter the event without receiving a food card. (Update:  This was $10, then about $1,000 in costs came out of nowhere, as they do, so we’re upping it to $15.  Hope you understand…it is a fundraiser after all)

Arriving at the Armory

The Armory will have two receiving lines for each Harvest Fest Session.  One for ticket holders and one for walk  ups.   If you’e bought your tickets pre-sale, you’ll be in the Fast Lane to Harvest Fest

The capacity at the Armory is only 395 at one time and we have approximately 100 staff/volunteers/performers for each session.  Once we have reached capacity, we will begin distributing numbers from 1-40 for guests who’d like to wait in the Armory Cafe.

As guests leave (if they do), we’ll call those numbers in order for admittance.  We can not guarantee that any waiting guests will be able to get into Harvest Fest.

So there you have it.  Our plan to deal with guests and ticketing.  We’re also open to suggestions if you feel any of this isn’t cool or doesn’t make sense.  There are still a few days for us to modify and improve our plan.  Do leave comments if you have thoughts  you’d like to share. (Update:  No comments, this is how we’re doing it)

Or avoid the issue altogether by buying your tickets right now.

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