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Disco & Chair Massage…its the little things

Oct 04 9:24 am

While there will be plenty going on in the main hall at Harvest Fest 2010 (buy tickets here), there will also be some great stuff on the perifphery that will last in our memories.

The Armory gallery will be turned into a photo booth manned by Jason Bergman.  We have a cool setup in mind that should make for fun and festive photos to remember your day.  Photos are free and we’ll post them on our Facebook page.

Capture the Local Love in this years Photo Booth

The Armory cafe will see a mid-session performance by Errantry,  an acoustic/ folk/ synth band.  Collectively they play around 11 instruments, but what defines their unique sound are the engaging harmonies.  Errantry, whose name comes from a list of top 100 aesthetically beautiful English words, will start their set at the end of Session 1 and continue to the beginning of Session 2, making standing in line anything but a chore.

Errantry in the Armory Cafe during Harvest Fest Session change

If the general hoopla of Harvest Fest becomes too much for you, the cafe will also host two of SLF Members limber you up.  Mass Metta Massage during  Session 1 and The Relaxation Response during Session 2.

And for those of you who are attending both Harvest Fest sessions or simply leaving the first, we’ve partnered to bring you a delightful surprise.

Silent Storm will be  bringing their mobile headsets and roving transmitter for…wait for it….wait for it…a Disco March around the ‘ville just before sunset.

Silent Storm + Harvest Fest = Disco March apparently

The march will return just in time for Session 2 and the start of a wonderful evening.  Have your tickets?

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