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Om Nom Nom Locally First @ Harvest Fest 2010

Sep 14 11:38 am

by Joe Grafton

Of all the things that didn’t quite work at Harvest Fest 2009, food was at the top of the list.  Part of the issue was our promotion of the event (i.e. setting the wrong expectations).  Another challenge was the format of offering 1 restaurant at a time and passing the food.  We just, quite frankly, just didn’t expect that many people to be there!

So, we knew in planning this years event, we needed to do a better job with food.  And we think its a safe bet that we’ll deliver.

We are very fortunate to have the managers from new SLF Member Foundry on Elm managing our food program as a sponsor this year.  With their help, we’ll be recruiting 10 local restaurants and food producers for EACH Harvest Fest 2010 session, offering 1 bite/small serving to each of the first 350 guests.

So with no further ado, we are happy to announce our first group of confirmed food participants for Harvest Fest 2010.  Local Om Nom Noms for everyone!

Foundry on Elm (Both Sessions)

Thank you to our Food Sponsors - Foundry on Elm

A brasserie-tavern hybrid, Foundry on Elm transports the best of seasonal New England fare into the kitchen of 255 Elm Street and produces refined, fresh food while serving proper ale. Located in the heart of Somerville’s Davis Square, the restaurant will pay tribute to the modern day craft worker by celebrating the farmers, brewers and winemakers that created the products on the menu.

Eat at Jumbo’s (Both Sessions)

The Margherita Pizza @ Jumbo's

Offering more than just pizza, Eat at Jumbo’s is the go to place when dad wants a huge 100% Angus Beef Burger, Jenny wants a freshly prepared sandwich, Jimmy wants some flavorful Chicken Wings and mom is looking for one of those fancy Panini sandwiches  Our mission is to provide every guest with a remarkable experience every day by serving only great fresh food at a fair cost. It’s that simple.

Ronnarong Thai Tapas (Both Sessions)

Thai Basil Anyone???

Formerly the Great Thai Chef, Ronnarong Thai Tapas has reinvented itself over the past 2 years.  With a revamped menu with many small plate options, a remodeled interior and a new outdoor patio, Ronnarong Thai Tapas is an eatery on the rise.  But what really sets it apart is its offering of Tapas menu items.  Small plates of Thai specialties like Paradise Beef and Papaya Salad make Ronnarong a dining experience like few others.

Lions Share Foods (First Session)

Local Probiotic Foods FTW!!!

Christine Oliver, founder/owner of Lion’s Share Foods completed her Certification in Holistic Nutrition and Health Counseling at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC. She is a health conscious cook and avid locavore. Her goal is to provide healthy, affordable eating options for urban families. Lion’s Share Foods provides local alternatives  to probiotic foods such as Kimchee, Fresh Yogurt and Kefir, Cheeses, Breads, Teas, and other fermented vegetarian products. All of our ingredients are locally sourced and organic as often as possible. We want you to feel good about eating right!

the chocolate tarte (Second Session)

Desert from the chocolate tarte - the final Om Nom Nom of Harvest Fest 2010

the chocolate tarte believes in doing a few things very well.  They have spent countless hours perfecting each of these custom cakes, truffles and tartes, so that they offer a product that is fresh, all-natural, luscious, and decidedly one-of-a-kind.  They’ll be serving up a delicious desert after a day of local love at Harvest Fest 2010.

We think you should listen to your stomach, and buy your Harvest Fest tickets now!

(Unrelated side note:  this website makes me laugh every time I go there:

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  1. I CAN’T WAIT! So excited! Cheers to SLF.

    Comment by Gabrielle — September 14, 2010 @11:49 am

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