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The Local Movement: Starting a Revolution

Aug 27 1:19 pm

by Jen Lawrence

Everyone is talking about green jobs now. Some people are vocally against the idea that green jobs can pull us out of poverty, slow the crush of climate change, create local economies. Others are touting green jobs as the only way that the world will stand upright again. At Groundwork Somerville, we believe that there are MANY things that must be addressed in order to create a truly sustainable community, and yes green jobs is one of those things. Also included is valuing our collective community voice, buying locally, banking with community banks, supporting neighborhoods, getting out of cars and on to bikes, and more.

GWS Jobs bring "Green" understanding to youth

I think that one of our youth employees said it best at a recent community meeting: “We need a revolution!” And we do. We can’t create a revolution, however, without youth voice. We have to resolve as a community to engage our youth members in action – in creating that revolution. And what revolution do we need, you ask?

We need to move back to our roots as communities and focus around our neighborhoods. We need to walk and bike to work. We need to actually KNOW the owner of the bakery down the street. We need to be on a first-name basis with our banker. We need to depend upon one another. Now what does this have to do with green jobs and youth revolution?

18 High School Students worked for Groundwork this Summer

It’s about rebuilding our communities so that they can sustain themselves. We don’t just need people to build solar panels, and farm locally, and re-insulate homes (although these are very necessary jobs!). We need to think about our neighborhoods differently and rebuild a local economy that is not dependent upon oil from the gulf or from economic trends in NYC. That is what this vision is about – rebuilding how we think about our communities in order to create self-sustaining communities – utilizing the full force of our amazing youth community members.

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