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Jul 27 11:28 am

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Somerville: The Paris of New England

Jul 21 2:55 pm

by Maggie Kaiser and Louis Epstein

Hey! We’re Maggie and Louis, Somerville residents since 2006.

We live in the Spring Hill neighborhood. We have a dog and a vegetable garden. We like to cook and we love to eat.

We love radishes!

We recently returned from a 9-month adventure in Paris, France. As newcomers to an unfamiliar culture, we saw the streets of Paris with curiosity and wide-eyed enthusiasm. We documented our questions, musings, frustrations, and achievements (successfully ordering the right sausage at the butcher! win!) on a blog that turned into an opportunity to reflect and remember.

The Burren's Red Door...Paris indeed!

Now that we’re back in Somerville, we’re excited to approach a familiar place with the same curiosity and enthusiasm that Paris inspired. It’s not so hard, given the similarities between the two cities. No, really, it’s true! Both are organized around squares; both boast great restaurants, food boutiques, and weekly markets; both hide rich history and culture in plain sight.

As bloggers for Somerville Local First, it will be our duty and pleasure to rediscover Somerville, starting with the everyday details that go unnoticed despite their distinctiveness.

We’re constantly seeing things that make us wonder, and our Somerville Local First blog posts will attempt to answer questions like…

Is the pizza at Posto as interesting as the building it comes out of?

Will we get to climb the turret of the East Cambridge Savings Bank when we Move our Money there in the next few weeks?

What smells so delicious hiding behind those reed blinds at 316 Highland Ave?

We hope you’ll check in with us as we rediscover our own city, share our Somerville-specific knowledge and experience, and generally live in the here, the now, and the local.

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