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Jul 27 11:28 am

Help bring ultra high-speed internet to Somerville!

Help the ‘ville get Googled

Jul 27 11:28 am

by Sarah Rossi.  Intern, City of Somerville Communications Department

Attention Somerville Residents:  Help bring ultra high-speed internet to Somerville!

Google plans to build and test ultra high-speed broadband networks in a small number of trial locations across the United States. This program, called Google Fiber for Communities, will launch an extremely fast broadband network that will deliver speeds up to 1 gigabit per second (over 100 times faster than what most Americans currently have access to).

Somerville has worked to bring this high-speed internet to our city (see video below), but it is our job as a community to drive the point home!  Here’s how:

We plan to drop a “Google Bomb” to emphasize our interest in this beneficial opportunity! Sign in to your Twitter (or a friend’s) and simply tweet the following message: “@Google #SomervilleGigSpeed”  Editors Note:  You can add a personal message of course

To show Google we are the perfect city for this program, we are developing a website that will keep track of the Twitter tags, so tweet often!

Feel free to check out this site for more information:

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Local Product Design Firm Introduces Clean Drinking Water Technology

Jul 25 9:43 pm

by Chris Templeman

Templeman Automation is a Somerville based product design firm. We are committed to using our product development experience to develop technology that is beneficial to society.

Currently, we have an entry in the Create the Future Design Contest called SOLution, a device meant to improve SODIS low-cost water disinfection.

Everyday over 4500 children die due to a lack of clean drinking water. Solar Disinfection (SODIS) is an inexpensive and effective method of water disinfection. Exposing clear plastic bottles filled with contaminated water to a sufficient amount of sunlight disinfects the water, making it safe to drink. Ultra-violet (UV) light and heat from sunlight kill bacteria, viruses and parasites. Studies have shown that SODIS requires 6 hours of sunlight, but cloud cover, location and seasonal changes cause the time required to vary. Real-world implementations of SODIS have been limited by the lack of a mechanism to determine and display when water has been disinfected.

SOLution is a solar-powered device that accurately measures sunlight and clearly displays when water is safe to drink. SOLution displays a universally recognized “happy face” or “sad face” to indicate water safety.

SOLution is rugged, reliable and reusable. Constructed of parts typically found in a solar-powered calculator, SOLution is inexpensive (estimated < $5 USD), lasts for years and can be reused thousands of times and requires no maintenance (< $0.003 USD per use).

Templeman Automation is actively seeking partners to collaborate on real-world testing and community distribution of SOLution. For more information go to

A Word From Your Local Intern

Jul 25 12:10 pm

by Karrie Larsson


My name is Karrie and I am one of three interns working with Somerville Local First this summer. Recently I met up with the other two interns, Julia and Rachel, over at Dave’s Fresh Pasta in Davis Square for some good old-fashioned co-worker bonding. Surrounded by fine Italian cured meats, we grabbed lunch and discussed our shared love for all things local; it was a splendid afternoon, indeed.

I am no stranger to Dave’s. In fact, I sometimes feel as if my friends and I single-handedly funded their recent expansion. In case you are unfamiliar, Dave’s offers a tremendous selection of homemade pasta, gourmet and artisan specialty foods, as well as unique wines.  But most importantly, they make a damn fine sandwich. All of the ingredients are extremely fresh (it’s in the name, after all) and well paired. Not to mention that the workers behind the counter, most of whom are tattooed and muscular, are definitely the most badass panini makers around. While I normally opt for the classic Caprese or the Savory Chicken #2, I decided to try something new: the Artichoke and Arugula.  As expected, phenomenal – crusty bread, flavorful veggies and mozzarella, topped with a light lemon pesto.

the Artichoke and Arugula at Dave's

After wolfing down the sandwich, Julia, Rachel, and I started talking about why we got involved with SLF and what we are looking forward to this summer. As Tufts students, we’ve all developed a love for the area over the past several years. Somerville has a great, distinct character that is fueled by its many independently owned business. We also expressed a shared interest in learning about this growing national movement to buy local – what it means for the environment, the economy, and the community.

Ultimately though, we are simply really excited to be a part of SLF and the team of truly awesome people who make SLF possible. The organization has come a long way since its beginning just two years ago and we can’t wait to help push it further forward – whether through working on this lovely website/blog (my job), expanding and diversifying the member businesses (Julia’s job), or promoting them within the Somerville community  (Rachel’s job).  We hope that you will continue helping us grow too!

SLF interns Rachel, Julia, and Karrie

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Share your Taza Thoughts or Story - Win Taza Bucks and SLF Swag

Jul 24 1:27 pm

As part of our continuing effort to help get the word out about SLF Member Taza Chocolate‘s attempt to recover from flood damage, we are going to run a contest over the next week.  After all, people love free stuff, people love chocolate…this all seems to make sense to us.

So here’s the deal:  Anyone who comments on this blog post by Saturday, July 31st @ noon will be entered to win the following prize:

-$20 in Taza Dollars, to be redeemed at their soon-to-open retail location in their Factory.
- A choice of SLF Lim. Edition T-Shirts (must pick from avail inventory)
-2  SLF Water BPA-Free Water Bottles
-4 Smencils (Scented Pencils…yup, really)

Taza Dollars + SLF Swag + Local Love = WIN!

And what KIND of comment should it be?  Well, since this is all about our friends at the Chocolate Factory, we want you to either:

-Send our friends some thoughts or love
-Share a story about Taza Chocolate

And there you have it.  We do reserve the right to curate comments, but enter one and you’re entered in the contest.  The winner will be announced on Monday, August 2nd via our Blog, Facebook & Twitter.

Local Somerville Businesses Support SLF - Amazing SomerFun Video by Paper Fortress

Jul 23 12:30 am

Somerville Somerfun 2010 Event from Paper Fortress on Vimeo.  The speech ends and music begins at about :45.  Music by Josh Lederman & The CSARs

by Joe Grafton

SomerFun did not quite work out how we had hoped and planned (note to organization:  outdoor events are affected greatly by rain), and set SLF back financially for a bit.  But we pulled together and persevered that day.  We learned a lot and we still managed to create a great experience for those who braved the showers.

As I wrote about in a post about the Street Attack video series earlier this week, one way in which we are blessed is the support of the creative community.  As I watched this video, I saw images of so many supporters.  I saw business owners, artists, nonprofits and community members all enjoying being together and doing so out in the community.  I saw people supporting SLF and each other.  Which brings us to Paper Fortress and Stebbs Schinnerer.

Stebbs is a pretty big deal, I think.  He went on tour with Johnny Cupcakes, renowned T-shirt artist.  He’s created stunning videos about Union Foundry, a Recover Green Roof & Green City Growers collaboration building a garden on top of a restaurant and documented the Floods in Union Square.  It’s painfully obvious from watching any of his videos that the boy’s got talent.

And so as we were planning SomerFun, Stebbs and I started a conversation about documenting our event through his firm, Paper Fortress.  As the financial outlook started to worsen, I told him we probably couldn’t afford his work.  He told me:  ”Don’t worry about it, we’ll figure it out“.  And when the final numbers came in, our video budget went from little to nothing (or negative?).  But Stebbs didn’t seem to care.

He believes in what SLF is doing and, more importantly, cares about Union Square and his community.

Yesterday, whhen he sent me the link to the video via Gchat, I let loose with the gratitude and appreciation.  His response?

no worries man, seriously. i appreciate it but i want to help build the community around here, and if it means helping out with a little video here and there its no biggie at all

And that’s how independent business owners roll.  And it keeps us (and me) going through any of the tough times, and  makes it all worth it.

Thanks Stebbs!!!


Thanks also to local recording studio professional (and SLF Artist) Damon Leibert and Josh Lederman & The CSARs both from in and around the ‘ville, for providing the incredibly appropriate track “Pretty Betty”.  They play a monthly at SLF Member Precinct in, you guessed it, Union Square.

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The Training Room Celebrates 1 Year In Business With Fitness on the Avenue

Jul 22 10:51 am

by Maren Kravitz - Co-Owner, The Training Room

As a local privately owned fitness studio, the Training Room understands the importance of creating strong relationships with clients. It is our goal to create a unique personal work-out experience. We do this by offering classes and personal or group training without any monthly membership fees or yearly contracts. One can simply walk in or reserve a spot through our online scheduling system. We hope that such flexibility and customization will ultimately lead to lasting healthy habits in the community at large.

In this spirit, we are also celebrating our first anniversary with a charity “spin” event this Saturday, July 24th from 12 PM to 6 PM.  The event will be held along the new Somerville Ave./Elm St. parking corridor, located in front of the facility at 691A Somerville Avenue. Attendees will be encouraged to spin outdoors to display their support for fitness and breast cancer awareness.

Live music provided by Felix Brown will keep an upbeat tempo for the riders while Roz Puleo, founder of the Boston Luna Chix cycling team, leads the participants on their cycling journey. In addition to the charity cycling event, The Training Room will have FREE fitness and yoga classes, games, and prizes throughout the day.

Donations, in any amount, will go to The Breast Cancer Fund and are greatly appreciated.

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Somerville: The Paris of New England

Jul 21 2:55 pm

by Maggie Kaiser and Louis Epstein

Hey! We’re Maggie and Louis, Somerville residents since 2006.

We live in the Spring Hill neighborhood. We have a dog and a vegetable garden. We like to cook and we love to eat.

We love radishes!

We recently returned from a 9-month adventure in Paris, France. As newcomers to an unfamiliar culture, we saw the streets of Paris with curiosity and wide-eyed enthusiasm. We documented our questions, musings, frustrations, and achievements (successfully ordering the right sausage at the butcher! win!) on a blog that turned into an opportunity to reflect and remember.

The Burren's Red Door...Paris indeed!

Now that we’re back in Somerville, we’re excited to approach a familiar place with the same curiosity and enthusiasm that Paris inspired. It’s not so hard, given the similarities between the two cities. No, really, it’s true! Both are organized around squares; both boast great restaurants, food boutiques, and weekly markets; both hide rich history and culture in plain sight.

As bloggers for Somerville Local First, it will be our duty and pleasure to rediscover Somerville, starting with the everyday details that go unnoticed despite their distinctiveness.

We’re constantly seeing things that make us wonder, and our Somerville Local First blog posts will attempt to answer questions like…

Is the pizza at Posto as interesting as the building it comes out of?

Will we get to climb the turret of the East Cambridge Savings Bank when we Move our Money there in the next few weeks?

What smells so delicious hiding behind those reed blinds at 316 Highland Ave?

We hope you’ll check in with us as we rediscover our own city, share our Somerville-specific knowledge and experience, and generally live in the here, the now, and the local.

Why Local Works - The Street Attack / Somerville Local First Video Series

Jul 20 4:03 pm

by Joe Grafton

Street Attack: Vision Episode 4 Somerville Local First from Mykim Dang on Vimeo.

We’re so excited to present the first episode in a video series about The Local Movement, Somerville Local First and some of its Local Business and Nonprofit Members. We are incredibly grateful for all the time and effort that went into this project. It is a perfect illustration of what keeps our organization going. Here’s the story:

To be blunt: SLF is sorely lacking in resources. We’ve received no grant funding and little funding from government (although the City of Somerville’s Economic Development Department did help fund our coupon book last year, which was pivotal in our growth for which we are very thankful). So telling the story of the movement is always challenging. But the creative community in Somerville and Greater Boston, who appreciate the work we do, has helped us out tremendously.

In almost every case where we’ve produced something to build the movement, designers, writers, web developers, photographers and videographers have graciously donated their talent and resources.

And in this case, things are no different. Street Attack is a Boston-based alternative and digital marketing agency. Mykim Dang, host and producer of the series, also happens to be a former member of Fringe Movement, one of our favorite business incubator spaces. Mykim reached out to us in May with this offer. Street Attack would shoot, edit and publish a series of videos about the Local Movement, SLF and its members. They’d do it for free. And we could use the content in anyway that we wanted.

It is this type of outreach that demonstrates the power of community and the supportive environment it fosters. This is where we’re going in the movement, because it is where we should be. Faced with difficulties and challenges, we are reminded that amazing community members surround us, willing to offer their love and assistance. And they surround you too.

We would like to again thank Street Attack for this work and all their help. We hope you enjoy the series and share them with your friends, and feel more connected to the movement and our members.

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The Relaunch of the Somerville Local First Website - A resource to find Locally Owned and Independent Businesses in Somerville

Jul 19 5:31 am

Welcome to the new SLF website!  We’re excited to completely relaunch our web presence in an effort to better promote the local movement and our members. At the same time, we hope to engage in meaningful dialogue with you, our fellow community members.

This site is intended to serve as a community resource: a place for learning and discussion.  To help you continue  to Shift your Shopping to local and independent businesses, we are incorporating a number of new features:

  • The SLF Blog – Our new blog based site will feature wide ranging contributions every week from many different sources, including:
    • SLF Staff, Interns and Board of Directors
    • SLF Members – entrepreneurs, artists and nonprofit directors
    • Community Bloggers – community members who are passionate about ‘local’ and want to share their Somerville stories
    • National Experts – people around the country who are working to build strong local living economies
    • Multimedia galore!  - We’ll be posting photos, reviews, videos and more to the site in the coming months.  We hope these tools will continue to build the awareness and behavior change we need to take our movement to the next level.
    • Campaign and Event pages – We’ll have living pages dedicated to the 10% Shift, Shift your Shopping, Move Your Money, Harvest Fest and SomerFun, which will be updated throughout the year.
    • Tweets from around the ‘ville – A live-updating tweet list of SLF members and SLF partners
    • A more active and engaging set of content about the Local Movement, here in Somerville and beyond
    • Shift & Save coupons!  - Want to buy local?  Want to save money?  Then buy Shift & Save coupons from the SLF website.  These coupons get you great deals from our members and help provide much needed capital to the SLF organization.  COMING SOON!
    • Real time, location based mobile coupons on your smartphone!  - SLF has partnered to pilot a location based coupon system for iPhone and Android users.  Simply come to our home page, click on the Mobile App widget from anywhere in Somerville, and see offers from our members in real time.  COMING SOON!
    • An easy way to JOIN SLF – We now have membership categories for businesses, artists, nonprofits and community members.  Each community can easily join our growing network and become part of the movement to build and sustain our local economy in Somerville.

This is just the first step to developing a community resource for local economies like no other.  We want to know what you think…in fact, one of the main reasons why we chose this format was to create and foster dialogue.  So if there’s something you’d like to see, something you like (or don’t like), please let us know.

Stay tuned this week for daily blog posts, including the beginning of a video series on SLF developed by Street Attack. We will also be hearing from our first Community Bloggers and providing more details on our Shift & Save coupons and mobile applications!

Shift Happens


Get Your Shift Together for the Holidays

Jul 18 4:39 pm

by Rachel Oldfield

“Losing sight of what’s important” during the holiday season is an oft-heard phrase. From having the wildest July 4th party to presenting the most elaborate Thanksgiving dinner possible to making sure the in-laws are impressed by your Christmas cheer, holidays and gift-giving can be warped from the warm, meaningful experiences they are supposed to be (examples here and here - Editors Note the 2nd link is to Amazon, but you can ask Harvard Bookstore to order if for you instead). The fact that most magazines feature cover stories with the words “holidays” and “stress” in the same headline around the months of November and December is a testament to the reality of this time of the year.

Yet usually when one refers to divergence from the true holiday spirit, it is in reference to a heavy focus on materialism instead of spending time with one’s family or appreciating what one already has. There is, however, more than one meaning of this idea. In some form or another, the holidays we celebrate all come down to the honoring of values – American or family, Christian or not. When we give gifts to our loved ones, we think of the joy it is bringing them. But do we think about the values are gift-buying is promoting, and the external impacts of these purchases?

The truth is, our gift giving and holiday preparation can celebrate these values, bringing joy and making a tremendous difference not just to the people for whom they’re intended. Where you shop also makes a difference for your entire community. Studies have shown that when you spend locally, because of the multiplier effect, more of that money will stay in the local community than when you purchase from non-local businesses. More of this money circulated regionally instead of nationally creates more vibrant local communities – more jobs, more money in economic activity, new entrepreneurial ventures – that can be woven together to form an economically stable nation.

The holiday season is extremely important for retailers every year, as revenue from that period could represent up to 40 percent of a retailer’s annual sales. Each fall the media floods the news with stories of predicted sales booms and busts, covering the one-month period between Thanksgiving and Christmas like it were the Super Bowl. And while chains and conglomerates have some wiggle room for “bust” holiday years, Local Independents (those are businesses that are privately held and locally operated) rely heavily on your patronage to stay in business and keep your community strong and dynamic.

If you already practice local spending or have not yet tried to make the shift, doing more of your shopping at Local Independents during the holiday season can be an easy and concrete way to contribute to your community’s economic wellbeing. And it doesn’t have to be hard – why not give your aunt a massage from a local spa, your dad a gift certificate to the nearby barbecue restaurant, or your niece a handmade bracelet from a local crafts store? I would rather get a gift certificate to Redbones than a pair of new socks any day. Plus, aren’t those unique gifts always the more memorable ones ?

As Americans all across the country join together in a spirit of cooperation and rebuilding, it seems that many are starting to recognize the importance of local shopping. Not only did cities where active Local First campaigns exist report a less severe drop in sales in 2007 than those without (3.2 percent compared to 5.6), but 95 percent of retailers surveyed said the fact that their business is locally owned matters to their customers (up from 82 percent in the survey the year before). Clearly more and more people are beginning to recognize the importance in choosing to shop locally. We invite you to become one of those people.

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