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SLF-Feb-Market-Square2016 Markets

  • February 7th, 10AM – 3PM

Welcome to the Somerville Local First Local is for Lovers 2016 season! We have 2 markets scheduled so far for 2016 Рall will take place at the beautiful Arts at the Armory Main Hall at 191 Highland Ave, Somerville and are managed by Somerville Local First, a Somerville-based non profit organization.

Our first market of the year, the namesake market (Local is for Lovers VALENTINE’S DAY), will take place on Sunday, February 7th from 10am-3pm.

Somerville Local First members receive first dibs on spots. From now until January 8, 2016, only SLF members* will be accepted. After that point, we will open up to everyone else who has applied! Applications are taken on a first-applied, first-accepted basis. We reserve the right to reject vendors, based on past cancellations or no-shows.

The markets are capped at 32 vendors, and they will sell-out, so please get your application in early! You must be a locally owned and independent artist, crafter or business in order to apply. Somerville and Cambridge Local First members get reduced rates at all markets.

Once your application has been accepted, we will then send you information on payment and away you go!

$75 = booth fee for non-SLF/CLF members**
$65 = booth fee for SLF/CLF members**
$15 = table fee (if you need to rent a table from us)
$15 = electrical fee (if you need to light up)

Booth space
Space is flexible. Booths are general rectangular, but you can always request different sizes. The space is a bit funky, but generally, booths are 5’x8′ (is – some are more like 6’x7′ or so).

*Become a member of Somerville Local First today to get the member rate and to get first dibs on markets.

**If you do all three markets, you will get a discount of $20 off the final market in December 2016.

Register now by emailing

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