Originally Published in The Somerville TImes, January 29, 2015

Locally owned, independent business have long been ingrained into the economic fabric of the City of Somerville. With significant changes on the horizon, having a strong commercial-tax generating base is something that should be on the forefront of every conversation about Somerville’s future.

Seeing the incredible transformation of Assembly Row, the increase of activity in the Ames complex and storefronts opening across the city is exciting. Continuing this economic boom can relieve the financial burden that so many residents feel, as maintaining our vital City services relies heavily on their tax contributions.

Somerville Local First encourages the administration to continue the prioritization of local industry during this time of evolution in the city, while also taking care to preserve smaller storefronts on existing commercial corridors. These smaller storefronts provide spaces where our locally owned, independent businesses can start and thrive, while providing foot traffic and connections on corridors between our squares—particularly along Highland Avenue, Somerville Avenue and Broadway.…READ MORE


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