Somerville Local First Member Benefits

Somerville Local First is proud to offer the below list of benefits to our members. Whether you’re considering Somerville as the destination for your business/studio or are an existing member of our community, Somerville Local First offers an exceptional level of support that can assist an enterprise at any level.

Business Start-up

  • Identifying available storefront space
  • Identifying pop-up friendly businesses within the Somerville Local First network
  • Navigating the permitting process for business startup
  • Assisting with the obtainment of business-specific licenses
  • Recommending in-network vendors to member/non-members


Network Benefits

  • Inclusion in online member directory
  • Inclusion in printed member directory
  • First consideration for sponsorship opportunities including printed material and major events
  • Discounts on services and products as determined by Somerville Local First members
  • Discounted admission to Somerville Local First events
  • Business Promotion at Somerville Local First events
  • First consideration to Somerville Local First seminars
  • Business mention on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Business event / special promotion on e-newsletter
  • Union Square Business support through inclusion on Civic Advisory Committee and LOCUS Process
  • 10% Discount at QRST’s for Screenprinting, Embroidery, Digital Printing. Must be mentioned when 1st placing the order.
  • Workbar Union Benefits:
    • ½ off the first month of membership should one choose to become a member of Workbar Union.
    • All SLF members will receive ½ off of our conference room rates.
    • SLF members will receive $10 off day passes to Workbar Union.

Recent Members

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Business Members

For Locally Owned and Independent Businesses

Nonprofit Members

For community based Nonprofit organizations

Artist Members

For Artists who are based in or work in Somerville

Community Members

For individuals in Somerville or beyond who wish to support our work

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