Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is a thriving local economy in Somerville, Massachusetts in which locally-owned businesses consistently succeed and strive towards sustainability and in which the community understands the benefits of supporting local businesses.

Our Mission

Somerville Local First, formed in March 2008, is a network of locally owned and independent businesses to build a robust Somerville economy and a vibrant community.

We accomplish this by:

  • Organizing a Somerville Local First campaign that raises the awareness of customers, businesses, and government agencies regarding the benefits of purchasing from locally owned businesses.

  • Implementing programs and discounts that reduce the cost of doing business for locally-owned businesses.
  • Bringing together independent businesses for mutual benefit and networking opportunities.

  • Supporting Somerville ordinances and regulations that promote locally owned businesses.

  • Coordinating and collaborating to deliver programs to help local businesses become greener in their business operations.

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