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Welcome Elyse Andrews to SLF!

May 15 10:20 am

Recently SLF had the good fortune to welcome three amazing new board members. This post is the first in a series of introductory bios for our new folks! You may have already met Elyse and the others around town, but here’s some more about Elyse’s local life! 

Meet Elyse Andrews!

One of SLF’s newest board members, Elyse joins the team as a Somerville homeowner and small business owner herself.

Elyse earned a degree in journalism and political science from Syracuse University. She then worked as a writer and editor at a financial publishing company for several years. Most recently, Elyse founded the Somerville Beat, an online magazine about all things Somerville, in May 2012. From a local perspective, the Beat covers arts and culture, food and restaurants, businesses and more in order to keep tabs on the happenings in Somerville.

Guided by a mission at the Somerville Beat that aligns well with that of Somerville Local First, Elyse thought it would be natural for the two collaborate more.

“As a Somerville homeowner and small business owner, I’m very excited to help further SLF’s work to promote Somerville businesses,” she said. “The people who live, work and play here are what make the community so vibrant and I’m excited to be an even bigger part of it.”

Eager to get started, Elyse knows the importance of buying local. Both she and her husband own small, local businesses. More than that, though, Elyse enjoys taking note of the hard work that local business owners put in and the resulting growth of the local community over time.

“We always think about shopping locally before buying things from a big box store, whether it’s by shopping at the farmers market or visiting a locally owned café,” Elyse said.

To help promote local development, Elyse hopes to use her communication skills to spread the message to a larger audience, attending SLF events and working with Cambridge Local First as well to strengthen the efforts.

“By supporting local businesses, you are enabling them to stay in your community, making it a richer place to live,” she said.

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